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How to Fix Steam Pending Transaction? 4 easy steps to fix Steam errors

Steam pending transaction error usually occurs when your account is not able to make a purchase of a game on Steam. This error can occur due to several reasons. Most of these reasons are network and bank-account-related. However, this error is very common and can be fixed by taking a few simple steps.

In today’s article, we are going to provide a detailed note on 4 easy steps you can take to fix Steam’s pending transaction error. Let’s begin.

4 Ways to Fix Steam Pending Transaction Error:

Here’s the detail of 4 simple ways to fix the Steam pending transaction error:

1. Check your bank account

Contact your bank and ask them to check if the money was sent to Steam.

2. Contact your bank and ask them to check if the money was sent to Steam.

Look over the transaction history to look for recurring purchases and purchases that are still owed. Most often, this indicates a late payment on the aforementioned recurring purchases.

Your bank may require you to notify them of any late fees before they’re charged.

3. Try contacting your credit card company/Bank.

It’s possible that one of your credit cards is expiring soon, or that the merchant you’re using is attempting to make late or unlawful payments hence causing the Steam Pending Transaction error.

Contact their customer service department to see if they can help you. If you’ve modified many of the credit card forms, you’re able to submit a dispute directly with the credit card company, rather than filing an account dispute via a third-party site.

4. Check your orders’ status

You can find your pending purchases and orders by going to your customer profile. You can always hover your cursor over the purchase “Status” link in your purchasing history to view an update.

If you’ve used one of the below credit cards to buy games on Steam recently, be sure to inspect your credit card statement:

  • American Express
  • Discover
  • MasterCard
  • PayPal

In addition to the three major credit card companies, there may be additional service providers listed as well. If you’re still unable to find a solution, you may feel inclined to attempt to buy the game from another user.

Unfortunately, this is not an option: Steam is currently experiencing technical difficulties and will not be available for purchase from other users.

Ensure that you have sufficient funds in your Steam account

When you buy games on Steam, you’ll get an email notification when you have enough funds in your Steam Wallet to purchase a game. This is to ensure you have sufficient funds in your Steam account to purchase a game.

Most gamers don’t keep track of their Steam Wallet balances correctly. Even players who keep their wallets empty (if they even have that much), will occasionally find their funds go missing. That’s where the community-run tool Groupees comes into play.

Groupees analyze your Steam Wallet balance and puts it into a “better” database of sorts. Every fifteen minutes, they send you an email that reminds you of your wallet balance.

If you don’t click continue to the next email, your wallet balance will be marred and the tool will send you to the Steam support site, where they can help you either fix the problem yourself or report the issue.

Since the problem is the same thing as causing a fraudulent transaction, you may wish to chat with support instead of sending an email to try and figure out the problem yourself.

You can always log back into your Groupees account, click the Help icon, and discuss the problem with both fellow gamers and Groupees staff.

There is a limit to how much money you can deposit or take out of your Steam Wallet. It seems this limit has stayed the same since Steam introduced it — but this has a handy side effect.

Groupees will send you a notification every time your available funds exceed this amount. You can always click further down to view your wallet balance.

While the information can be a little annoying at first, it makes you realize just how important your wallet balance is. If you don’t have the time to log in to your account to view or update your balance yourself, Groupees’ notification will at least make you aware of the issue.

You don’t need to have a Steam wallet to use Groupees and this will of course, not cause the Steam Pending Transaction.

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Contact Steam’s Customer Support:

If none of the above methods has worked out for you, it’s time to contact Steam’s customer support. You can reach out to them and describe the nature of your transactional error. Make sure to describe all the methods you’ve tried to fix it. In this way, they can guide you better about what else you can do about it.


Facing the Steam Pending Transaction error is very common if you purchase games from Steam frequently. Since it is a common error, there are different ways that you can fix it. We have discussed 4 of the best ways that you can try out to fix this error in the information given above. Make sure to read them out so that you can buy your required game from Steam easily.

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