How Can I Access Blocked Websites For Free?

A blocked website does not mean that it is hard to get access of those sites. You can read the content of sites even they are banned in your country. But users need to know the easiest and best way to access blocked websites for free.

Now, you can see different ways which can help you to unblock these sites.

Ways to Unblock Websites for free

There best methods that are useful to unblock geo-restricted sites.


VPN is the best software that helps to access restricted sites with full privacy. Rus and Hola are the most affordable virtual private network apps that provide security also. RusVPN and Hola VPN both has free versions also.

So, you can access it without wastage of money. They can also help you to stream if such movies or shows are banned in your country.

If you want more privacy and more access features then buy the subscription plan which is best for you. Users can get these plans in budget with the use of RusVPN Discount Code and Hola VPN Coupon.

Use Google translate

Google translate is another way to unblock such sites which are banned. Block site means you cant access it. Try another search engine or method to unblock it easily and free of cost. Simply copy the Url of the banned site and paste it on Google translate and see the content.

Why do you need to unblock the website?

We all know how torrenting can help with easy access to the latest movies, music, software tools and more. In some parts of the world spending a ton of money on paid platforms and subscriptions is not feasible.

This is why most internet users turn to torrenting sites to help them with all their entertainment and other content needs. The following is a great example of a torrenting site from where you can download content for free-

Why some website is not opening?

  • Many sites are restricted in some of the countries due to their privacy policies.
  • But sometimes sites are open for others but banned only for. The reason behind it is that the website server has banned your IP address due to some fault. It may happen if you are doing some illegal work on the internet. Website servers owner help to protect the information from cyber threats.

Why did you need to unblock the website?

Users need to know about to get access to geo-restricted sites. If you are not in your country and the content you need is banned in that particular region. Then it requires some methods which can help you to read that contents.

The methods which we have brought out for you are the best tricks. Now enjoy access free of cost.

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How can you get access to other countries’ sites?

Google translate is used to put the Url of banned sites and get the result. But if you want to read the content of other countries also. Then. For this VPN is best choice.

You can read the content of any country where the servers of a particular VPN company are located. VPN has also other benefits, it provides privacy while you are working on the internet.

The virtual private network is also useful for streaming and torrenting. This is a secure app to hide information and activities done through the internet. This protects your personal information from leakage and keeps it secure from cybercrimes.

Is it safe to unblock restricted websites?

If you done this activity to read normal content then it is not illegal. But in case if you searching for some harmful sites then, this work can be found illegal.

Both activities depend on that which purpose are you unblocked such restricted sites. People who want to keep privacy in their online work while browsing or searching then they can use VPN. VPN works both to keep data secure and also gives access to restricted sites.

Which is best to unblock sites? – VPN or Google translate

Google translator users can get access of only their home countries. But, when users can get connected with the VPN then they can read the other region’s content also.

Google translate is not safe when you are working on the internet but VPN is known for its privacy policies. So, Try to virtual private network software instead of Google translate.


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