4 Online Document Management Mistakes to Avoid for Your Business

Document management is big business. It’s hard to do anything in business these days without great data, but storing your information presents a challenge that many organizations can’t handle manually.

That’s why the document management market has a market size of $4.89 billion.

However, converting business documents to an online solution isn’t foolproof. Keep the four common online document management mistakes below in mind when creating your document management strategy.

1. Having No Backups

Some companies get complacent when they store files online. They think because their files are in the cloud, there’s no way something could ever happen that could cause data loss. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

There’s always the chance that an accident will happen that causes data to go missing. Make sure you create backup procedures to safeguard your data, no matter where you store it.

One great way is to use a tool like a C# PDF generator to create PDF copies of your essential files.

2. Ignoring Access Controls

While moving your files online does allow you to take advantage of your provider’s internet security measures, they won’t completely protect you from common cyber threats. You have to create measures to stop unauthorized access to your files.

One common way to do this is through access controls. Employees are one of your most significant security vulnerabilities,

and you never know when they will compromise their accounts. Not giving full access to your files to all employees limits the damage done because of a cyberattack.

3. Not Having Organization

Having cloud storage doesn’t give you a reason to ignore file organization. Yes, the search features on some storage platforms are advanced. However, there will still be times where you need to look through your file categories to find information manually.

That’s why it’s crucial to add organization to your files. Use whatever organization options your file storage platform provides to sort your files and make them easy to search manually.

4. Ignoring Versioning

There will always be times when you need to change your files. The problem is the changes you make aren’t always correct or may need to return to what they were before.

While a backup may help you return a missing file, it won’t help you figure out what a file contained before you changed it. File versioning will help you do this.

Make sure your file management system has file versioning to ensure you can return files to previous versions by looking through all the file changes you make and picking the correct version.

Don’t Make the Common Online Document Management Mistakes

Online document management can offer your business a lot, but you still have some work to do to ensure you do it right.

The online document management mistakes are easy to avoid, so make sure you avoid them. However, always keep a watchful eye over your document management process to avoid any other major management errors.

Do you want more tips to help your company make the most of the newest tech tools? Head back to the blog to learn how to make technology work for your business.

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