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Benefits of Serverless E-commerce Platforms

The world of e-commerce is growing daily. Many entrepreneurs and SMEs are launching online shops to take advantage of the growing market space. There are plenty of Serverless E-commerce Platforms and technologies on the market. As of today, choosing the right e-commerce platform will play a significant role in the success of your online business.

Other than the e-commerce platform, other things such as SEO and marketing will also come into play. Serverless e-commerce platforms are becoming more popular in the e-commerce world. These platforms have plenty of benefits as they take advantage of cloud computing services to provide fast and secure services.

Overview of Serverless E-commerce Platforms

Cloud service providers such as IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon AWS own big data centers and are responsible for allocating resources to users. Developers can also access different APIs and services provided by the cloud service. For example, developers can use the authentication or encryption features on their apps or websites.

Serverless E-commerce Platforms

Serverless architectures make use of a feature known as containerization. Each service runs on a different container on a serverless platform. Once the process is over, the container is destroyed to save on resources.

Benefits of Serverless E-commerce Platforms

Here are below we are discussing some Benefits:

Easy to Maintain

One of the top benefits of using serverless platforms or solutions is that they are easy to maintain. Once the server is set up, the applications can run smoothly.

This gives developers and other teams space to work on improving other features on the site. One of the best e-commerce platforms with cloud-native support is VirtoCommerce.

Reasonable Charges.

Another benefit is that they are cheaper compared to other hosting services. Most third-party hosting services charge a static monthly fee, and you will be required to pay more if you require more bandwidth or storage space. However, with serverless services, you only pay for what you use. You will not be billed for any services that you do not use.

flexibility and scalability

Serverless platforms also offer flexibility and scalability. With flexibility, you can scale your e-commerce platform depending on traffic and the number of requests you are getting. Scalability also makes it hard for hackers to attack your site, since they cannot perform DOS (denial of service) attacks by exhausting the resource limits on your cloud service.

No Configuration Needed

It is also easy to deploy serverless e-commerce platforms. You don’t need to have any knowledge about configuration, server management skills, or patching. Learning the basics of serverless platforms is also very easy. This gives the developers more time to work on other pertinent issues related to making the site better.

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Bottom Line

A serverless e-commerce platform is the best option for small SMEs operating on a budget. You get to enjoy all the benefits of cloud computing without spending too much. You also don’t need to have extensive skills in server management to deploy your e-commerce site.

There is more to consider when choosing an e-commerce solution. Ensure the site features a mobile-first design and is responsive. We also recommend going for a platform that supports seamless integration of third-party APIs and plugins. One last feature you should consider is the total cost of ownership.


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