5 Reasons Why People Started Reading during the COVID-19 Lockdown

The recent pandemic situation is going to be one of the turning points for many people around the world in recent history. While the COVID-19 virus infected millions of people, the frequent lockdowns and curfews made life difficult in many different ways.

However, if we look at the brighter side of the situation, the COVID-19 lockdown certainly boosted the reading trend.

Many people took up reading during the lockdown period for various reasons allowing them to find the right escape that was very much required.

Let’s take a look at 5 reasons why people started reading during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Communication on Social Media

Why People Started Reading during the COVID-19 Lockdown
Social media Connections

Since many people weren’t able to leave their homes, the world at large was communicating online. Social media offers the right platform that people need to express their feelings, vent their frustrations and anger, and even share recommendations and ideas.

A lot of people were sharing book recommendations online and social media made reading trending once again. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram offer plenty of options for readers to decide what they want to read next.

Work from Home Lifestyle

While most businesses weren’t working at full capacity many companies were allowing their employees to work from home.

Work from Home Lifestyle
work from home

This provided people with plenty of time that they would otherwise spend on commuting. Also, with businesses not functioning for regular working hours people had plenty of spare time to read books and magazines and even online content making reading a popular spare time activity.

During the lockdown, a lot of people stayed online on their laptops and mobile devices searching for the best books

Keeping Kids Secure and Happy

Many parents started reading for their kids because they have to ensure that they provide the right entertainment for their kids who cannot venture out now.

With frequent lockdowns and the fear of being infected with the virus, many parents decided to take up reading for their kids.

Hence, many parents bought kids’ books online that they can download and read on their mobile devices. Also, this provided much-needed relief for many parents to ensure that their kids are secure at home.

Replacement for Social Activities

COVID-19 brought social life to a grinding halt as most people couldn’t go out to parties, meetings, and events.

Hence, many people found themselves stuck to their television sets watching movies and reading books. With not much professional work to do and the absence of social activity people switched to reading books on topics that interest them.

Books offered many people the entertainment and thrills that they need in life.

Improve Mental Happiness

The COVID-19 lockdown also impacted many people mentally as they were unable to cope with the sudden lifestyle changes.

Many people choose to read happiness books to live a more fulfilled life and deal with the stress of all the situations they’ve been through.

This ensured that they had the right information and help that they needed during tough days.


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