Work Burnout: Avoid It By Creating a Backyard Swimming Retreat

A recent report revealed that a shocking 52% of workers are struggling due to work burnout in their jobs. 

While many think this feeling is unavoidable due to their line of work, this is not in fact true. In fact, one of the best ways to combat work burnout is to establish a better work-life balance to prioritize non-working time. 

And what better way to get in work breaks than a beautiful swimming pool retreat in your own backyard?

Ready to swim away your work burnout worries and increase production in your business life? Read along to discover how swimming can help you defeat burnout in your job and why you need a backyard oasis today!

What Is Work Burnout

First things first, let’s get to the bottom of what work burnout really is. 

In simplest terms, work burnout is a specific type of work-related stress. This stress leaves you in a state of physical or emotional exhaustion. This not only makes it difficult to be productive at work but also in your life outside of work.

The biggest difference between work-related stress and other stress is a reduced feeling of accomplishment. In fact, many may even feel a loss of personal identity.

While it can be tricky to spot, things like poor concentration, irritable moods, and lack of motivation in your job are often a sign of work burnout. 

Of course, the consequences of ‘pushing through’ work burnout are not to be desired. As time passes you may begin to experience more serious side effects of your stress such as extreme fatigue, mental and physical health problems such as heart disease or high blood pressure, and even increased vulnerability to illness.

The Benefits of Swimming

So how might swimming be your solution you ask? 

Swimming is a low-impact exercise that does a number of amazing things for your physical health, but what you may not know is the impact it has on your mental health. 

One of the most important benefits in relation to work burnout is the stress relief this relaxing activity provides. 

By taking frequent work breaks to dip your toes in the pool and rebalance your mind, you’ll actually notice you’ll increase production in your working hours and accomplish even more!

How to Design Your Backyard Pool

Your backyard pool design will depend heavily on the amount of space you have to work with, however, any pool, small or large, can be an inviting oasis for stress relief. 

Consider utilizing different shapes and materials that trigger that ‘happy place’ emotion for you. Perhaps this means surrounding yourself by nature or even replicating the pool that took center stage on your favorite vacation. 

Whatever pool designs you prefer, your backyard oasis will be much different from a public swimming pool and aid in a relaxation that you just can’t get with strangers around. 

If cleaning and maintenance are holding you back, fear not. There are a number of easy pool maintenance tips you can utilize to keep your oasis fresh and clean without the hassle. Learn more about your pool maintenance here!

Get the Most Out of Your Work Breaks

Now that you know the benefits of swimming for work burnout, it’s time to experience your backyard oasis for yourself. From an increase in production to an inviting place to spend your work breaks, we can’t wait for you to defeat your work fatigue and take your life back!

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