Why do we use mouse grip for FPS? Explained in detail

Gamers are always energetic and enthusiastic about their games. They like to play the games with the highest frame rate and good performance.

Therefore, professional gamers try to use the mouse grips for better fps. But what does fps mean, and why do we use mouse grip for fps?

What is FPS?

FPS stands for frames per second. This means how many frames per second you will see on your computer, and similarly, when you react to some action in the game, the same frames speed works its magic and let you play the games smoothly and fast.

Why do we use mouse grip for FPS?

We use mouse grips to handle the in-game situations better and control the scenario according to our will.

Every player knows the importance of mouse grip when it comes to FPS because they want to aim with their arms and elbows instead of their wrist movements.

This way, they can better trach and steadily move their character and angles. Let’s see what benefits we get by using the palm grip during our games.

Smoother Tracking

When you use your hands, wrists, or your fingers to aim, you do not get better results—rather shaky controls over the character.

But when you use your entire arm for that reason, you get to aim better at your target because of leveraging the arm that provides better tracking.

This is mainly observed in most Korean players who use bigger mousepads and palm grips and keep their sensitivity very low just to aim better while locking their targets.

Bigger mouse pad to freely move their arm while tracking down the enemy.

And not only in gaming, instead, but the best mouse grip for fps also help in many ways such as.

For example, the artists use grips to make the bigger strokes so that their lines and underline are cleaner because they are done with their arm’s movement and not with their wrist’s movement.

We can say that the arm movements are far better than your wrist movements in terms of accuracy and muscle memory.

Better Accuracy

When it comes to accuracy, most gamers believe that if you play at a higher sensitivity level, then your aim would be better locked and faster.

This is because, in higher frequencies, your angles and center of the image move aside faster.

But what they don’t know is that when you play at a higher sensitivity level, your aim becomes weaker. This is because you take time to adjust before locking the target.

Also, your arm’s movement is however slower than your wrist’s movement.

That’s why you should not play at a higher sensitivity rate while using your wrists.

But if you use mouse grips for better aiming, then there is not a fixed type of grip or a certain product like a magic bullet to aim with 100% accuracy.

We can only advise you to try different grips and choose the best one that suits your setup and gives the best results.

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The equipment required for better mouse grip for FPS

The grip that is good for FPS requires a certain type of setup that helps you use and play the games better. Let’s see what you need to have to use a mouse grip that is for FPS.

A massive mouse pad:When you have set your mouse’s sensitivity to low, it will require you to move your arm to a larger area. That’s why you need a massive table space and a mouse pad all over it.

Lots of desk space:To aim at a far distant target, you may need to move your arm a bit farther. Considering that reason, you will definitely need a large mouse pad.

A large mouse pad requires a huge tabletop so that you can move your arm freely. This makes aiming at the target very easy.

Palm grip mouse: You don’t need a personalized mouse. Just a simple mouse that is designed for better FPS performance is enough because it will provide you with the same optimized and comfortable gaming experience.

Ideal height desk:If you can have an adjustable table or desk, you can change the height according to how you like it.

But, if you don’t have an option for adjustable, then you should get a desk that fits your movement requirements. This is to do the gaming tasks faster and easier without any problem.


If you want to have the best experience of your gaming setup, then you should get a palm grip mouse. This is because it is the best suitable mouse for all FPS games, and every professional gamer uses this mouse as a power tool just because of its aiming clarity.

Once you use this palm grip mouse, you will notice a clear difference between your old mice and this new and better one.


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