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What is Pictame? Pictame features and how to use it?


Pictame has surged the Instagram world one step ahead of what we usually find in it! Pictame being an extraordinary app has enabled the Insta-users extract the most out of their free time.

In spite the fact that Instagram itself is a wholesome place to wander about, we still feel the urge to get assess to those undiscovered features which we haven’t been introduced to yet!

Just think for a while! Instagram is stretching its arms across the very poles of the world but to the average users isn’t it restricted to a handful of followers?

As far as I think, it is! We keep roaming about a group of friends and yet call ourselves worldwide connected. That is why people brought Pictame to life!

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So what exactly is Pictame?

It basically is a web service that posts Instagram photos and media but rearranges the stuff as per the trends and likings. So the scrolling part becomes more fruitful and interesting to the casual users out there. Being a profile stalker app,

it picks up photos of influencers and keeps you well aware of the incoming trends so you are never left behind. Not to mention the fact that it does this by copying stuff without any consult of the original Instagram creators, which is not a promising thing to do!

Features of Pictame that make it soar up in the crowd!

Let’s face it! There are not one, two but a dozen of such apps that make illegal use of Instagram media and earn profits by connecting with AdSense but not all of them have managed to secure such a place in the market.

It is because Pictame offers exceptional features making it worthy of sticking around for wandering users!

From photos, short videos and post to followers and hashtags, PICTAME has managed to wrap up everything in its nutshell pretty well! Every time you happen to pass by or land on Pictame,

it would kindly shuffle its content and bring before you a planetary picture of what’s going on around you! So basically, you are updated at every point of your life which is not a bad thing to bring in.

1. Stalking users becomes a passion:

When you are given such a wide access with literally everything at your hand then finding someone becomes a piece of cake for you!

Such a well-developed interconnection it happens to be that your own friends can end up being a route of engraving the paths that lead to the person you have been urging to find. The game doesn’t end here! Suppose you found the very person you were looking forward to,

now you can easily go through their profile’s hashtags, stories, likes, visits, tags, and comments without letting them know! Pictame enables you to jog around the fact that who follows who! So you get to know that person well.

2. Search by name:

Using the friends and followers’ connection is just one way of approaching to the people you admire but if you know a specific person by default and are seeking their social presence then PICTAME offers you a search filter.

You just have to type the very name and you end up landing on their profiles. Anonymously stalking people is nothing but a fun activity to stick around with!

3. Search by hashtags:

Ever since this Instagram world has gained popularity the word hashtag is little more than just a trend to keep up with! Simply type the very symbol and the extreme algorithms connect every related post with it.

 Being on PICTAME we get to search via these little hashtags and get an intercontinental view of every single thing that relates to that very hashtag in one way or the other!

4. Every feed under a single roof:

As a matter of truth, giant malls and supermarkets have gained popularity over the years just because they happen to bring every little essential under a single roof.

With this perk at hand, people tend to surpass the fact that the witty businessmen are selling them things at higher rates. Same stands the case for Pictame,

going to different sorts of pages just to get a head of the feed is simply pointless when all you have to do is scroll down while simmering down on that comfy couch! Pictame happens to collect all sorts of relevant feeds on one spot so you can get the yummiest bite out of it!

5. Trendy layouts:

Ok! It sure is hard to deny that being a part of this 21st century our subconscious tends to magnetize more towards stuff that looks attractive rather than the stuff that really owns our attention! Sad but over 90% of population is adoring the materialism of life so in order to rank well in world online,

your platforms must be presentable enough to make visitors stay. Luckily Pictame happens to have a phenomenal sense of presentation. The inspiring layouts are more like an addiction, hard to ignore so people tend to stay along pretty well!

Pictame specifically calls out to the users who are bored of the good old interface of Instagram and want a voguish look to wander about.

6. Private photo viewer:

Even though this feature is morally not something which should be given a hand to promote but mentioning it doesn’t stand out to be an immoral act. With PICTAME one gets to scroll down a private account.

See photos and video which otherwise Instagram would show you locked! As a matter of concern if someone is keeping their account private simply means they don’t want to showcase their stories or media in general yet if we open their account illegally then we are nothing but wrong.

It is similar to peeking into ones home without asking for their permission.

7. Free service:

someone said it right! The fruits taste sweeter when they are free of cost and so does our social life. Unlike any other good web service, Pictame happens to be free and easily available.

Just one click away and you get the most out of your online presence. Above all there is no need of logging in or signing up to get a grip of its benefits in general.

So is PICTAME worthy of giving a try altogether?

Sticking to the very nature of opinion, I won’t force but suggest that “old is gold”. It is Instagram that is giving you the real perks of connecting with your loved ones, either as a fan or a friend so why should we switch to the same thing just rearranged a bit to match our desires!

Again the choice is completely yours whether to stick around with the good old Instagram or hop on to a new and fun place.

PICTAME has faced controversy specifically by Dhillon Lee ,of coping Instagram’s content and earning profits from that which is of course not promising enough to convince someone for its use yet its pro is not something to be denied of, either!


If you happen to be a constant Pictame user you must be aware of the very service of picuki! So as per the definition presented by QuoraPicuki is a simple Instagram editor and viewer. You can browse and edit Instagram profiles, stories, followers, posts, tags, and locations for an unlimited period of time and completely for free

How many times did you feel the need of having an all-time social presence but not let anyone know that? PICUKI is perfectly anonymous which means you can hang around any profile, go through comments or see stories without your view being a part of their list!

Long story short! Both Picuki and PICTAME are a new things to give a try but still can never take place of the real creator, Instagram itself!

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