What Are Digital Thermometers Used For?

Today digital thermometers are often seen in workplaces within Australia and around the world.

Although in certain workplaces – such as a doctor’s office or a hospital – digital thermometers were commonly seen before the outbreak of covid-19,

since the pandemic these devices have become very commonplace in a huge range of venues.

Yet while they are widely seen, they are not always understood. That’s why now is a good time to review what digital thermometers are used for. 

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To Help Protect Businesses and their Staff

A really difficult fact about covid-19 is – in addition to its health risks – it has the huge potential to wreak havoc on the regular operations of a business.

When someone tests positive it can cause some chaos after as people try to not only seek to respond to the health challenges such a situation gives rise to, but also the logistical ones when people may be forced to isolate at home.

Additionally, the fact is if a business is required to close to do a deep clean their costs can go up, and unfortunately customers may avoid visiting the place for a while after if they hear a positive case was there. Digital thermometers can help provide an early warning system so that if someone is potentially positive, they can be told to leave, go get tested, and then isolate.

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The Specifics of How Digital Thermometers Are Commonly Used

Many businesses have made it a habit of not only checking the temperature of staff regularly with a digital thermometer, but also any customers who visit a businesses’ premises upon entry.

This can make a big difference in the overall effectiveness of a covid-19 safety plan, for as aforementioned anyone who records a higher temperature can be informed of it, and told to immediately leave. This can help minimize the risk of covid-19 spreading.

To Provide Greater Safety than Traditional Thermometers Can

It’s not surprising that when it comes to most people imagining what a thermometer looks like, many still imagine the traditional glass type.

This said, the reality is many people feel these traditional thermometers are ultimately outdated today, and in actual fact they can be dangerous given many have mercury present within them.

In the minds of many, the risks of using this traditional style far outweigh any benefits, and it’s just one reason why digital thermometers are the better selection between the two. 

The Infrared Thermometer Option

Considering a non-contact infrared digital thermometer is always a wise move. This is because these devices can take a reading of the temperature of an individual without any physical contact occurring.

In the event someone who presents to take a temperature reading does have covid-19, then the use of a non-contact digital thermometer will help minimize the risk of transmission occurring to others who may also use the thermometer.

This is in contrast to using an invasive thermometer that does require physical contact to use. 


Digital thermometers should not be regarded as the lone line of defence against covid.

Ultimately, someone could have covid-19 and not display a higher temperature, just as someone may not have covid but could display a higher temperature for another reason that’s unrelated to the pandemic virus.

But there’s no doubt a non-contact digital thermometer can serve as a solid early warning system as part of a wider covid safety plan, and for that reason they can be a terrific tool.

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