Planning a Destination Wedding? Here’s What You Need to Know

Do you want to plan a destination wedding? Doing so can make your big day extra special.

You may want to get married this winter and fancy doing it in a warmer climate than the one in your home state. If that’s not the case, maybe you and your significant other love a particular foreign country and wish to exchange your nuptials there with loved ones in attendance. 

Whatever your reason for wanting an overseas location, it’ll take time, effort, and money to arrange the perfect destination wedding.

Continue reading for tips that’ll help you arrange a destination wedding to remember.

What to Do 12 Months Before the Big Day

It goes without saying that you need to decide on the location. If you’ve never been there before, you and your spouse might want to book a trip to the country to see the lay of the land, check out venues, and tour hotel accommodations. That way, you can make informed decisions.

The next step is to set a budget. One thing to consider before choosing a realistic budget is how many people you and your spouse-to-be plan to invite to your nuptials. After setting a realistic budget, your next order of business is to hire a wedding planner to assist you.

Now, it’s time to book the venue for the wedding and reception. It’s also essential that you check out visa requirements for the country you’ll be visiting. Ensure that everyone who’ll be traveling to the wedding destination has a valid passport well ahead of time.

In addition to buying the wedding dress and tuxedo, the bride and groom will need to put together the wedding party. Either between you and your spouse-to-be or with the wedding planner’s assistance, check out marriage laws in the destination country.

What to Do Nine to 11 Months Before the Big Day

Between nine and 11 months of your wedding day, you’ll want to hire the service providers required for the occasion. That means the person who’ll be officiating the wedding, caterer, photographer, limo drivers, and other essential service providers.

What to Do About Half a Year Before the Big Day

By the time you’re about half a year from your destination wedding, you’ll need to focus even more on the end goal. Reserve the venue for the rehearsal dinner. Since you’re having a destination wedding, invite all the guests to the rehearsal dinner. You’ll also want to send out the wedding invitations and book the cake maker, florist, makeup artist, DJ, and hairstylist.

What to Do Three to Five Months Before the Big Day

Inside of half a year before the destination wedding, you’ll want to book travel arrangements and accommodations. It’s also the right time to book the honeymoon and, among other things, purchase the wedding rings. If you’re still thinking about what kind of wedding rings to get, consider lab grown diamonds that cost less than natural diamonds. Check out options for loose lab created diamonds if you’re interested in getting a customized lab grown diamond ring. 

What to Do Two Months Before the Big Day

When you’re a couple of months away from the destination wedding, confirm all the bookings and reservations. Ensure everyone invited has the required legal documents and any vaccines required in the destination country. It’s also time to buy tokens of appreciation for the wedding party.

What to Do One Month Before the Big Day

It’s time to pick up the wedding rings at this point. Another good idea is to arrange for the final wardrobe fittings so that everything’s good to go on the wedding day. 

What to Do a Week Before the Big Day

About a week ahead of the destination wedding, it’s time for you, your significant other, and the wedding guests to start heading to the destination country. 

Planning a destination wedding takes a lot of hard work. But when you cover all the bases and marry the love of your life, the hard work will have all been worthwhile.

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