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How We Can Download & View IG Story With InstaNavigation

The Instagram social media application allows its users to enjoy numerous features. One of them is enabling users to upload stories for a whole day. People love to post and see other users’ stories on Instagram. However, sometimes a person might want to watch the story without letting the user know about it.

In this case, InstaNavigation can come in handy. It is an online website that allows you to watch people’s stories anonymously.

We shall discuss some important details about this website in this blog. This material will give a synopsis of InstaNavigation’s main functions and usage guidelines. So, without wasting any time, let’s begin.

What is InstaNavigation?

InstaNavigation is an online platform that allows people to see Instagram stories anonymously. Being able to see your friend’s story without letting them know is like a wonder. And people are experiencing this fun and amazing wonder with the help of this website.


Although Instagram is a highly useful social networking tool, users cannot see stories anonymously on the platform. You know it already. Instagram lets you know that some particular person viewed your story, right? Well, it is the same case with other people also. They also get notified about the person who views their stories.

InstaNavigation can be a useful technique if someone does not want the user to know this for whatever reason. While there are plenty of other online third-party systems that assist you in doing this as well, InstaNavigation’s capabilities make it slightly more effective.

Let’s discuss what these features are.

What are the Features of InstaNavigation?


Here’s the list of some of the major features of this website:

1.      It’s Free and Easily Accessible:

You can use this website for free at all. InstaNavigation offers comparable capabilities without charge, in contrast to a lot of other premium websites and programs that demand a membership in order to access their features.

It is also easily accessible. The website is official and you can easily find it on Google (we will discuss it in detail soon.)

2.      It Has Smooth Interface:

The user interface this website provides is smooth and easily navigable. Its color combination is extremely attractive. All of the features are placed in optimum places for the user to easily find and use them.

Here’s how its homepage looks like:

3.      It Provides Statistics About the Accounts:

Besides providing you with the ability to watch the stories of other users anonymously, the tool gives you other statistics about the account. These statistics include:

  • Comments and likes count
  • Average comments and likes per post
  • Average time between posts
  • Percentage of users who like and comment on posts

These statistics are based on the last 12 posts of the user.

4.      No Need to Sign in:

 Absolutely, you read it correctly. This website does not require you to sign in to your Instagram account to stalk other people’s accounts. And that too is for obvious reasons. If you sign in to your account and see the story of a user, they might know that you have seen their story.

This feature advocates the privacy protection this website provides to its users.

All right, enough with the features. Now, let’s discuss how you can actually use this website.

How to Use InstaNavigation?

You can start using this website by following a few very simple steps.

  • Open the Internet browser on your phone or computer.
  • Go to the search bar type in the name of the website (InstaNavigation) and hit enter
  • From the provided search results, open the first link and you will be on this website

That’s what you need to do to get on the site. Now, let’s see how you can use this website.

So, to find the account you want to stalk, you’ve got to type its username in the designated place. Observe the image given below. The red arrow indicates the place where you have to type in the username.

Make sure not to mess up the username. Type it correctly without errors. Otherwise, you won’t find the account you’re looking for. Hit the “search” button once done.


 So, here, you can find all the required information about the profile.


Seeing people’s stories on Instagram anonymously can both be fun and useful. However, users are not able to accomplish it with the official Instagram app. You must use an application or website from a third party in order to accomplish this.

One of these websites is InstaNavigation. It is a free site that lets you stalk people’s accounts totally anonymously. The site has useful features which make it a unique choice of users. In the material above, we have covered how to utilize this site and all of these features in great depth.


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