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How to fix error [pii_email_f3eee9354449f7841752] in MS outlook?


[pii_email_f3eee9354449f7841752] is a warning on Microsoft Workplace Outlook to show that it requires repair service.

This error automatically appears when something is wrong with the Overview app.
Outlook is a private information monitoring device for Windows, mac, and other running systems.

Microsoft Outlook is a global platform for business communication via Emails. MS Outlook is an insane application that supports scheduled emails, personal/business meetings, and appointment reminders.

But conflicts and errors arise with recent updates, like [pii_email_f3eee9354449f7841752] is an error with a high volume of occurrence.

It’s irritating for any Business person to face this error while busiest work schedule.

What is PII in email?

Literally, PII means Personal Identifiable Information. You can understand PII as the real information that helps you identify a person.

Let’s say you want to meet your old friend. You would naturally fetch some information about him to meet him.

For example, you would try to know where he lives, or what is his phone number. This personal information about someone comes under PII.

PII can be a phone number, bank account, house address, social security number, or email address, or anything that helps to identify a particular person.

Why [pii_email_f3eee9354449f7841752] occurs?

Below are the some major reasons:

  1. If Microsoft Outlook is not installed properly this error occurs.
  2. If you’re using multiple accounts and you haven’t cleared cache, It can cause error.
  3. Using an old version of Microsoft Outlook could be another reason of this error
  4. This error can be occur if your outlook expired.
  5. some time this error unidentifiable in this case support team know better reason why this bug occur.

Most probably, this reason is caused by wrong installation or any missing file. If you have installed it through an unauthentic source then try downloading the source file from the official website of Microsoft.
However, re-installing is the best solution to solve the email error but in case, it didn’t works, following are some of the other solution to try in solving this error.

How to fix error [pii_email_f3eee9354449f7841752]

There is a handsome amount of people who face this error while using their Microsoft outlook accounts in their daily routines.

It surely disturb their work flow and lower down their work productivity. So here I’m going to discuss top 4 methods to fix this error in an easy way.

Following are some ways to fixing the error [pii_email_f3eee9354449f7841752] :

First method: update your Microsoft outlook:

  1. Try to make sure the compatibility of your system with the latest version of Microsoft outlook and reinstall Microsoft after removing the old version.
  2. Updating the old version will not disturb your data files but it will automatically transfer your previous data files into the new version.
  3. When installing a new Microsoft Office, you can back up important files.
  4. You can contact to the support center if you’re facing any problem to moving your files.

Second method: to clear cache and cookies:

A most common reason of this error is when you do not clear your cache and cookies data,

  1. You should go to the “File” option and clear cookies data,
  2. After completion, you need to log out of your Microsoft Outlook account.
  3. If you use multiple accounts, please log out of all accounts.
  4. Restart or shut down the laptop. And restart the laptop. Open your Microsoft account.
  5. The problem must be resolved. If the error persists, please select the third option and solve the problem.

Third method by using the auto repair tool:

This tool is used to fix the error automatically.

  1. 1st of all you have to check the software details by going to the control panel and setting the tool functions.
  2. Start the Office 365 application and select the Microsoft application which you want to restore.
  3. Change the button at the top of the app and select the repair type.
  4. Click on the solution and follow the commands on the window screen.
  5. Try to switch to the online version of the recovery tool. Try to restart Microsoft Outlook.
  6. If the application does not work properly, please contact a support team.

Fourth method: to getting rid of third-party email application:

If you’re using more than one outlook email at the same time this may could be a reason of this error.

  1. This is due to a conflict between the two email applications, and it causes problems every time someone uses them.
  2. You should delete untrusted sources or third-party applications from your computer to make the operation smoother.
  3. After uninstalling, restart your pc and have a look at Microsoft Outlook again to see if the error is resolved.


Most Microsoft Outlook errors occur during the installation process. SO you should have a look at the proper method to install the app along with its complete files.

You need to find a simple and possible solution to solve a problem by one person. Upper are some of the easiest ways to solve such errors.

If the problem in un understandable and you have no idea how to fix, you can directly contact to the support center of Microsoft outlook.

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