How to enable walkie talkie on Apple Watch


When walkie-talk is turned on, your Apple Watch will send you a push notification every time someone in your group tries to ping you with their watch. To set up walkie talkies, download the app from App Store and follow these steps:

How to Use Walkie Talkie on Apple Watch?

Launch the app

If walkie is already enabled for your iPhone, skip some steps to save your time reading this guide. Otherwise, tap Enable Walkie Talkie. When it’s finished setting up a walkie, tap Done.
To create a new walkie-talkie group with contacts stored in your address book or find an existing walkie-talkies group, tap the walkie-talkie icon at the bottom of your watch screen, then tap Start Walkie Talkie.
Enter walkie-talkies contact information for selected contact(s) and tap Done.

Delete walkie talkies

To delete walkie talkies, contact information: Tap Edit, select walkie talkies contacts you want to remove, then tap Delete.
When walkie is set up, you can start walkie talk with people on your contacts list who also have walkie enabled. When someone taps their walkie-talkie icon (bottom of watch face), it will appear as a green dot next to their name – just like an iMessage or phone call would.

You don’t need WIFI

You don’t need to be connected via Bluetooth or WIFI to walkie talk with someone – the walkie-talkies app follows your iPhone’s walkie-talkie settings.
Now you can walk and talk!

How to make walkie talkie works?

To make a walkie talk, tap and hold the walkie-talkies icon (bottom of watch face) until you feel and hear a “click.” A microphone appears on your screen.
Speak into the microphone and release to send. When someone sends you a walkie talk, their name will appear as an iMessage bubble with green dots next to it, which means they’re trying to reach you with their Apple Watch for a walkie talk. You’ll receive push notifications every time someone in your walkie walk group tries to walkie walk with you.
To reply, tap the talk button at the bottom of your watch screen and speak into the microphone. If you want to send multiple walkies in a row, hold down the walkie talkie icon (bottom of watch face) until you feel and hear another “click.” Each time you release your finger from walkie-talkies icon, it will send another walkie while this mode is enabled.

How to stop walkie talkie?

To end a walk or share a voice message, press the red “stop” button at the bottom of your Apple Watch’s display. Your Apple Watch must be connected to an iPhone for all features of iOS’ Walk, i.e., Talkie app, to work. If walkie talkie is not working on Apple Watch, make sure you have walkies watch OS 4.1 or later and walkies iPhone walkies with iOS 12 or later.

Features of walkie talkie on Apple watch!

You can use it even not connected to the internet

The best thing about the Apple Watch’s built-in Walkie Talkie app is that you can use it even if your watch isn’t connected to your phone. Whether or not they’re on the same Wi-Fi network, your iPhone is charging across the room; you can still send and receive walkies.
That also makes it great for quick conversations with people who aren’t worth pulling out your phone for – like when there’s a long line at Trader Joe’s or someone needs an extra hand carrying their groceries home.

Usable with iMessage

iMessage App, also known as the Messages app on Apple Watch, allows users to send and receive messages using walkie talkie on their Apple Watch.

How to enable the iMessage option on Apple watch walkies?

  • You can use the iMessage app on Apple Watch to send and receive messages from iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Mac. To set up walkie talkie for Apple Watch: Open the Watch app on your iPhone, then tap Messages. You will need to turn on walkie talkie if this is the first time walking it up or walking you have turned it off.
  • If you’re turning it back on, tap Turn on Walkie Talkie.
  • If walkie talkie has already been enabled for your watch, make sure walkie talkies are turned on for your iPhone.



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