How OCR Technology is Affecting Lives of Millions


Optical character recognition (OCR) technology is a commercial solution used to automatically extract printed or written text from scanned documents or image files, and then convert the text into a machine-readable format for document processing.

OCR Technology is taking over the world. The world is changing day by day and is no longer dominated by major corporations that own the whole economy and politics.

How OCR technology is affecting the lives of millions is obvious

1. In the field of healthcare

It has brought a revolution in the area of diagnosing and treating. Diagnosis has started to be done through patient records which are kept in digital format and are available to any doctor online.

Patient’s medical history is being uploaded into the computers so that doctors could get instant access to all this information through an online connection.

2.The areas of retailing and retail design

Nowadays, retail stores have integrated technology in every area of the store from product displays, floor displays to LCD touch screen software to help the customers make the best shopping decisions.

The technology is helping the customers to find the best products in the latest categories. This kind of technology is changing the way retail companies operates.

They are also starting to provide unique services to their customers.

3.In the social and educational world

With the uses of latest technology every institute and other educational sectors providing online education .

The kids can take a lesson at home that is recorded by their teachers In a form of videos. All these ways are changing the lives of children.

It has seen the introduction of digital signage in schools and educational institutions. Digital signage helps students learn by watching educational videos, games, and information provided by teachers.

4.Through educational Factors

It has revolutionized the way education is conducted. Earlier, students had to write down their notes and refer to any book or source for further details.

They had to take the help of a notepad or a computer for making research. With the coming of digital signage in education institutions, they no longer need to do all this.

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Today, while sitting on their seats, they can access vital information through a screen in front of them. A simple process of learning for them, is now a combination of video conferencing and interactive whiteboards.

These technologies are changing the lives of children. They are now getting a chance to meet and bond with their friends from other parts of the world, and teachers can use this opportunity to teach them science, math and computer basics.

5.In the business world

It is revolutionizing the way business is conducted. Gone are days when a businessman or a company would just sell goods and services to the customer and run away with the profits.

With e-commerce sites and e-marketing, a businessman can now interact with his customers and see if there are changes in their minds and decide upon the kind of products to produce based on what the customers want.

with the use of social media platforms and latest technology they can easily outreach their customers and get target of products


OCR is working a vital role in every filed of life it might be educational, business and social fields.

The OCR result depends on the quality of the input data. Plain text segmentation without background noise gives you better results. In the real world, this is not always feasible, so we need to use multiple preprocessing techniques to get the best results of OCR.



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