How Long Do Idiots Live?

The word ‘idiot’ is derived from Greek and Latin words that refer to a stupid person, this term is used to describe a person with some kind of intellectual disability.

Now that this term is replaced by many other words like Moron, Mentally Retarded, cretin, clod, and many others, however, some people use this word ‘idiot’ to describe a person who is uneducated or unskilled.

People often wonder about the life span of idiots, they search for questions like How long do idiots live or what age do idiots die?

This article is going to answer the questions of people related to idiots including the life span of idiots, so keep on reading.

How will you identify an idiot?

We are surrounded by idiots at our schools, colleges, and workplaces but the question is, how will you identify them? Here are some signs that will help you identify them.

  • They are always abrupt, sarcastic, and prefer communicating bluntly.
  • Their body language is rude, they always stare, glare, and roll their eyes while talking.
  • They have no control over laugh, they constantly make lame jokes, and prank on people.
  • They have a habit of lying, beware of such people.
  • They refuse to help you if you ask them.
  • They have a habit of arguing, they always take interest in arguments.

If you see such signs in a person, you should avoid getting in touch with them or just set some boundaries with them, so that you won’t affect your work environment.

Coming to the real topic of our discussion that is how long do idiots live.

At what age do idiots die?

If you are curious about knowing how long do idiots live for a meme, or how long do idiots live in general, we got these questions covered for you.

Well, there is no scientific study that shows the life span of idiots, there are a lot of memes about idiots, people make memes with the title of how long do idiots live 12-15 years.

Other memes are claiming that idiots only live for 16 or 17 years, there is no truth in these memes because doctors have not witnessed such things.

Life is a reality so does death, it doesn’t matter if you are an idiot or a genius, you will eventually die one day, though there could be many reasons for early death such as illness, accidents, and suicides.

Early classification of idiots

In the 19th and 20th centuries, medicine and psychology researchers claim that an ‘idiot’ is a person with a very profound intellectual disability, however, in the early 90s, a classification system was made based on intellectual disabilities.

According to this classification, an individual with the lowest mental age level of fewer than three years was classified as ‘idiots’.

However, individuals with the mental age level of three to seven years were classified as ‘imbeciles’, and individuals with the mental age of seven to ten years were classified as ‘morons’.

People often search for an IQ level of idiots along with how long do idiots live because these questions always revolve in our minds when we talk about idiots.

The IQ level of idiots

IQ is a parameter to measure an intellect of a person, we humans normally consider a person with a high IQ as highly intellectual.

This is true to some extent, IQ does define your intellectual abilities, when talking about idiots there IQ level will certainly be the easiest way to know about their intelligence, though it is completely a different thing that can not be related to how long do idiots live.

People are called idiots if they have an IQ level below 30, it is more like a mental disability that leads to this IQ level and makes people mentally retarded, now people calculate or determine an IQ of a person based on statistical distributions.

Other Facts about Idiots

There are some facts listed below other than how long do idiots live:

  • Section 26 of the California Penal Code stated that idiots are among the six types of people that are not likely to commit a crime.
  • In 2007 the code was modified to read persons with mental disabilities.
  • In some states of the U.S idiots have no right to vote.

 Bottom Line

To put the discussion briefly, the noun ‘idiot’ is derived from Greek and Latin words, it is used to indicate a person with less knowledge and less intellectual ability.

This article mentioned some of the major signs observed in an idiot person along with the IQ level and some other facts about them, but they are not enough to answer how long do idiots live because no scientific study showed this.

Hope this article helps clear all the misconceptions about an idiot’s life span, well, you can enjoy all the memes people made for idiots.

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