Guidelines about earning policy on YouTube in Pakistan as of 2021


It’s no surprise that you can earn huge amounts of money from YouTube. Anyone who is willing to put in high-end work, and also be persistent can be successful on YouTube.

There is only one question to answer what is the average amount that those who have YouTube channels make? 

What is the amount of money you can you make by using video marketing?

There isn’t a universal solution as it is based on a range of factors, including the 유튜브 조회수 you get on You tube and subscriber base revenues streams, ad revenue affiliate programs, product that are sold, sponsorship partnerships and.

YouTube does not pay a large amount for each 1000 ad impressions. The amount you earn from YouTube depends on the YouTube channel, your location and the time you devote to it.

 Based upon the geographical location of the viewers and the target audience, YouTube monetization for 1000 views (also known as CPM – Cost per Mile) is ranging between 0.5 up to six dollars in average

However, the figures can vary. The majority of channels are paid 0.5 USD per 1000 views.

How Much Does YouTube Pay for 1000 Views – Factors

The amount you earn for every 1000 YouTube views is contingent upon three factors that are crucial to YouTube’s success:

  • The purpose for your YouTube Channel
  • The source of traffic on your YouTube Channel
  • How many subscribers you have for your YouTube Channel

Let’s talk about them in depth.

1. The niche is the YouTube Channel

If the niche of your YouTube channel is Religion You’ll earn the lowest CPM that could range from $0.10 or $0.4 per 1,000 views.

 If your content is about exams, business, and software-related tutorials YouTube is willing to pay between $1 and 3 cents per 1,000Views.

An important issue to be aware of is “how much money an advertiser will want to target the area you’re working in.”

The situation has changed as YouTube has issued strict guidelines for content creators that would like to join its monetization plan. 

But there’s positive side to these strict policies which aid artists by giving them permission play many advertisements in-stream.

They are currently looking at raising the amount given to creators. 

No matter what niche you are in you’ll be compensated $0.5 up to $4 per 1,000 views on your YouTube video in Pakistan.

2. The source of traffic on your YouTube Channel

If you’ve made it big when your traffic comes via YouTube and Google search results. YouTube is the business that earns the highest amount of money through search engine traffic.

if you receive your traffic from social media sites, you’ll not see any more results. A majority of them are unaware that you’re earning cash. 

But they are real people and there’s the possibility that you’ll earn more over time working with them.

 Take your YouTube content as digital products; if you are able to produce amazing films and manage in gaining a position in the search engines like YouTube and Google and make a significant amount of cash because the search engine traffic is highly lucrative.

3. The number of subscribers to your YouTube Channel

It’s a challenge to accumulate enough followers and subscribers to earn a decent living from YouTube revenue. 

If your YouTube channel has 1,000 viewers and 4,000 hours of viewing have been reached, you’ll be able to begin making money.

 When you’ve reached this milestone and you’ve reached 4,000 hours, you’ll be required to join the YouTube

Partner Program (YPP) to get your channel becomes monetized. If you’ve not violated one of YouTube’s guidelines on community your application will be approved, and you’ll receive an approval number within two weeks.

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 The money will start flowing to your account when your channel is confirmed and approved.

How do you increase the reach of the reach of your YouTube channel?

It’s the next step to take before getting monetization approval. This refers to how you can increase the number of viewers and subscribers on your channel in order to make more cash. This is the stage where patience and perseverance is required.

 Make use of your own social circle to begin by asking your relatives, friends as well as your classmates and

Colleagues to sign up and promote your channel to their families and friends. This will help in the beginning expansion the reach of your channels. 

It is also possible to use different social networks to advertise your channels, including Face book, Reedit, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Integra.

 Utilize these platforms to cross-promote your YouTube videos. Engage your viewers and engage them to gain a loyal fan base of your channel.

Summarizing how much you actually make from your YouTube channel will depend on your target audience. Clicks per mile (CPM) are the amount per 1,000 clicks, (or views) that YouTube will pay you. CPM rates vary between regions from one from one to another. 

The Australian CPM cost is $7. While the United States is $4, and it’s $0.02 in Pakistan. That means you need to know that when it comes time to make money from YouTube understanding your target audience is essential. 

About 100,000 views from Pakistan will earn the user PKR 10,000, therefore this isn’t worth the effort. Think about if just one percent of these views or 5,000 are from Australian individuals, where CMP rates are among the most. 

In the same video, you could make as much as 35,000 PKR! If you’re looking to earn more money, think about the possibility of attracting people from all over the world. You could also target Pakistanis as well as Indians who reside in other countries.

In Pakistan YouTube is the most dependable alternative to earn money, given the precarious economic and job situation for young people and recently graduated people. 

It is a great way to earn a million dollars when a YouTube stays consistent and produces new and exciting videos for their viewers.

You’re not skeptical anymore is it? These people didn’t gain YouTube popularity in a matter of minutes. Their success and wealth are the result of their dedication and determination to create unique and high-quality videos on a regular basis. 

You can, too, create distinctive YouTube videos that can aid you in building a loyal audience, gain popularity, and earn money through your channel. Be persistent, work hard and you’ll get there.

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