Five Benefits Digital Menu Boards


Owning and operating a restaurant comes with a variety of challenges and responsibilities. Besides the day-to-day operations, you have to deal with constantly changing health regulations, new menu items, and marketing.

For a restaurant to be competitive, daily promotions and specials and new menu items should always be current and up to date to meet customer expectations of taste, price, and quality. A good menu plays a critical role in the success or failure of a restaurant.

Digital menu boards and digital menu board software from places like GRUBBRR are changing how restaurants and other foodservice businesses promote and sell their menu items. Digital menu boards offer many benefits over static menu boards and paper menus. Here are five ways a digital menu board can benefit your restaurant or foodservice business.

Increased Sales and Better Customer Experience

Digital menu boards can do a lot more than display menu items and prices. When combined with the right digital menu board software, a digital board can display interesting facts, trivia, and other types of entertainment to enhance the customer experience and lower the customer’s perceived wait time.

Easy Editing and Updating of Menu Items

When it’s time to roll out a new menu, update prices, or add a new promotion, digital menu boards make the process easy with manual or automatic updates that you can change remotely or through the system with a few easy keystrokes.

Lower Costs

One significant advantage of a digital menu board is that it lowers your operating costs. With printed menus, you have to have new menus printed each time you make a change to the menu or print separate menus for promotions. Printed menus and static boards must be constantly updated with each menu change, which costs money in printing or labor.

Highlight Promotions and Specials

When you’re running daily specials or a new promotion or social media marketing , digital menu boards can help upsell new items with menu item imagery to attract attention to your menu items and bring awareness to your promotional items. In the food business, imagery is everything, and it’s better to show than to tell.

By giving your customers a great picture of your menu items, they’re more likely to make a purchase. A written description of your menu items only tells half the story about your food, but a great photo or video of your cuisine paints a complete picture.

Keep Guests Informed and Create Customer Loyalty

You can use a digital menu board to support your local community, creating more customer loyalty. By displaying information about upcoming local events and local news on their digital menu boards and other digital signage, restaurants can show their support for local activities and communities.

Digital menu boards are the wave of the future for many types of restaurants and foodservice businesses. Digital menu boards are not just for fast food and cafeteria style restaurants. Digital menu boards also make a great addition to casual dining restaurants in lobbies for promotional purposes and for customers to order take-out.



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