Anonymous Posting: An Important Tool For Democratic Life.


If you had the opportunity to be invisible, or completely unknown to a mass audience, what would you do? Who would you be? What would you say? So many thoughts come to mind. You will most likely do dozens of things! No one will know your name or the shape of your face! This is wonderful! No doubt you will love it. In the same context, publishing can be made invisible through different platforms, most notably The Doe.

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If you write anonymously, you will have more freedom to talk about your thoughts and experiences, even if they are sensitive or even whatever the topic is. You can write without being directly criticized. Thus, you will feel safe and comfortable expressing your opinion freely. When you publish an article aloud, you will not feel fear, guilt, or anything else.

Writing anonymously makes the writer more honest and open. The writer may even discover new things about himself/ herself that he/she did not know existed before. It is also possible that people will better evaluate what you write when you post anonymously.

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Sometimes people may publish anonymously to talk about a crime in society or about corruption without fear of persecution. In some dictatorial countries, people may be prosecuted for publishing articles expressing their political opinions opposing the regime.

In other words, anonymity is an important part of democratic life. Many fields of life in democratic societies depend on anonymity. This is an essential means to defend freedoms.

Anonymous posting allows dialogue. It is no longer necessary to stick to some of the laws and to specify the exact topics.

Anonymous writing gives individuals the ability to express their opinions if the topic is compatible with society or controversial.

Many people want to participate in dialogues but are afraid of being criticized if they express their opinion on any topic. Thus, anonymous publishing is the best solution for those people.

Anonymous debates allow people to feel equal. Certain factors such as gender or nationality will not have any effect on their participation in the dialogue.

It is possible to conduct anonymous experiments about the attitude of people to the sexes. For example, a woman may publish a text as a man and wait for the reaction of the opposite sex towards males!

Technically speaking, many technologies have been developed globally to give Internet users an opportunity to hide their identities online. For example, there is the Tor browser, which hides the IP address used when browsing the Internet. There is also the https:// protocol, which encrypts connections to sites.

Unfortunately, such technologies have been negatively pressured in some countries. However, new ways of publishing securely over the Internet have been invented.

And if the question is: Is there any forum that allows publishing with the ability to post anonymously, where you can publish your ideas freely without any obstacles? The answer is yes! The Doe is the best site!

What are you waiting for? Post about your feelings freely. Write now without revealing your identity!



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