American Rapper: Mozzy Net Worth

American rapping industry is just incomplete without the name ‘Mozzy’, his name counts in one of the fine rappers of America.

The Special Ed Rapper is also one of biggest Rapper in this industry.

Mozzy has a goof fan following on social media platforms, though, his fans really wanna know everything about his life, so we decided to fill you in with Mozzy net worth, personal life, career, and almost everything.

Mozzy’s Early Life

Timothy Cornell Patterson (a.k.a Mozzy) is an American Rapper, Song Writer, and Record Producer, he was born in Oak Park, Sacramento, California on June 24, 1987.

Mozzy never really mentioned his parents or childhood, his grandmother Brenda Patterson-Usher who is an American blues singer and a party member of ‘Black Panther’ raised him throughout his childhood.

He is a school dropped out, attended Sacramento high school for some period, and later he appeared in GED and earned it, he was not financially strong in his teens, therefore, he worked for many jobs to make his livings.

Mozzy’s Personal Life

Mozzy fans really wanna know about his personal life, they wonder about his relationship status well some sources confirmed that he is currently single and dating no one.

Some sources also confirmed that he had a girlfriend in past, but he never got married nor had a child, so his female fans can relax.

Mozzy Early Career

He started his professional rapping career in 2004 under the name Lil Tim, when he was 16 years old he used to rap with his uncle Genaro Patterson.

In the year 2010, he released his first solo titled ‘U Ain’t Really Like ‘Dat’ under the name Lil Tim, he further released a collection of his songs by the album name ‘Lil Timothy N Thingz’ and received immense appreciation.

people have also known him by the name Lil Tim but he changed his name in 2012, and now he is professionally known by the name Mozzy.

2015 was his lucky year as he got the attention of people around the globe for his album ‘Bladadah’ and in the same year, Rolling Stone declared this album among the 22nd best rap albums.

In his rapping career, he did many remarkable collaborations including his first promising collaboration for the solo album ‘Goonbody Embodiment’ with a famous industry executive.

Later on, in 2014 Mozzy collaborated with an Oakland rapper Philip Anthony Beasley who is also known as Philthy Rich for his track ‘I’m just being honest, this collaboration got into a huge controversy.

In 2015, he collaborated for his hit song ‘Twerk Like Lexy’ with South African rapper and Kidd Cartel, this song featured R. Kelly.

His other well-known collaborations are

  • Mozzy collaborated with the rapper ‘Nef the Pharaoh’ for the album ‘Neffy Got Wings’ in 2016.
  • Mozzy collaborated with Richard Morales Jr. for his album ‘Chop Stixx and Banana Clips’ in 2019.
  • Mozzy’s recent collaboration was with the singer ‘Skylar Grey’ for the song ‘Last One Standing’, he was featured in this song.

Mozzy’s Hits

His solo album ‘Bladadah’ is among one of Mozzy’s hit projects, his first solo album was released in 2011, and later in 2016 Mozzy came with ten more albums.

Mozzy moved to Los Angeles and released his next album called ‘Gang Related Siblings’ in 2016, in the same year he released another album called ‘Mandatory Check’ this album was ranked at number 7 on the chart of Billboard rap albums.

In the year 2018, he released an album with the name ‘Gangland Landlord’ which was ranked at number 57 on the United State’s Billboard 200.


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Other Hits Include

  • His album ‘Beyond Bulletproof’ in May 2020 has ranked number 43 on the US Billboard 200.
  • He released his mixtape ‘Occupational Hazard’ in September 2020.
  • In the current year 2021, he collaborated with rapper Keenon Dequan Ray Jackson professionally known as ‘YG’ for the song ‘Bompton to Oak Park’.

What is American Rapper Mozzy Net Worth?

Mozzy Net Worth question is mostly asked and searched by his fans and followers, well it’s normal human psyche to know everything about celebrities, some sources claimed that Mozzy Net Worth is $1 Million.

Mozzy’s Legal Issues

Well in his professional career there have been several controversies up against him, he has faced legal issues due to his illegal possessions.

He was arrested three times for the charges of evading police and possession crimes by the Sacramento police in the years 2005 and 2008.

Mozzy was arrested the fourth time and ordered a sentence in the San Quentin State Prison for his crimes, later in 2018 he was arrested for gun possession in Las Vegas.

Wind Up

This article summarizes the life of an American Rapper, Songwriter, and Record Producer Timothy Cornell Patterson professionally known as ‘Mozzy’, he has no parents, siblings, wife, girlfriend, or child.

Mozzy net worth is $1 million, he gave the American industry some hit albums including ‘Beyond Bulletproof’, ‘Gangland Landlord’, ‘Bladadah’, and many more.

You can get a glimpse of his life in this article, including early life, relationship status, legal issues, and almost everything.

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