Always keep PrestaShop updated


Maintaining a store improved to the most recent on call model guarantees you possess the most recent adjustments carried due to the center crew and also the creator area.

Depending upon the variation you update to, you may acquire brand new attributes, safety or even efficiency remodeling, or even merely infection repairs.

It suggests generating a brand new outlet as well as transmitting your existing records (like items, consumers, purchases …) in to it, and also disables your aged store after that.

This could be clarified due to the semantic versioning our experts observe, that prohibits any kind of compatibility-breaking adjustment in the primary, including clearing away an attribute or even customizing our APIs.

Refine conclusion

Ready your upgrade through acquiring the most recent launch zips report, unloading it as well as eliminating its own demonstration material.

Use the brand-new data through copy-pasting all of them in the development directory.

Operate the data source upgrade.

This may be good enough for accomplishing an upgrade, yet extra duties like cleaning as well as elements improve will certainly deliver you reliability and also surveillance.


Movement schema

Improving is actually certainly not the only means to improve your store to the most up to date model of PrestaShop.

Sometimes, moving your records is actually a far better possibility.

The help of PrestaShop 1.6 is actually right now finished. Our company encourages you to utilize the 1.7 variations to acquire help, together with center as well as components upgrades.

Effect on existing records

Provided that you remain on the exact same primary model (ex lover. 1.6.0″ 1.6.1 or even 1.7.1″ 1.7.2 upgrade), our team are sure that the on call components continue to be the very same.

This suggests that your present style plus all your components need to remain to operate as previously and also no capability or even information will certainly be actually dropped in the course of the upgrade, regardless of whether the data bank design might transform.

The major conveniences of this particular alternative are it carries out certainly not call for the store in development to become in routine maintenance setting.

Provided that you experience your brand new store is actually certainly not all set, you may always keep the previous one competing your clients.

Keep in mind that the moment an upgrade has actually begun; there is actually no chance to rollback the improvements. The only service you possess is actually repairing the data backup you created previously.

Always keep PrestaShop updated


The objective of this particular section is actually to give the very best process and also recommendations for maintaining your Aggiornare Prestashop. Its own being compatible variety need to deal with a minimum of outlets operating on models 1.6 & 1.7 of PrestaShop.

When you yearn for to obtain your outlet up-to-date without shifting to the upcoming primary variation, updating a store is actually the suggested technique.

It performs certainly not need any kind of added devices to work if you observe the hands-on method, one of the latest launch deals will definitely suffice.

In-place Upgrade

Update schema

When you change on a brand-new significant variation, this alternative is actually highly recommended. As it takes a great deal of adjustments in the primary along with a lot of possible disagreements along with the present concept and also components, beginning new is actually much less unsafe for security.

Update as well as movement, 2 various methods

Always keeping PrestaShop up-to-date could be carried out using various techniques. Select the greatest upgrade approach relying on your necessities.

Influence on existing information

The influence on the existing information is actually incredibly various coming from an upgrade, as it depends upon what you transmit to the brand new store.

“Migrating” suggests relocating your present outlet to a brand new outlet which is actually currently working on the most recent variation in analogue.

When switching over to yet another primary model (i.e. 1.6.x” 1.7. x), this are going to suggest that some information is going to be actually dropped:


On PrestaShop, the entire authorizations unit has actually been actually revamped to match along with Symphony. Our team suggests creating your staff members, getting access to teams as well as their approvals rather than moving all of them.

Elements certainly not suitable along with the brand new variation

Elements could be extra resistant to PrestaShop brand-new launches, yet some disagreements might happen when utilizing one more significant variation.

For elements installed coming from the market, you may inspect their being compatible array. For home-made elements, call your creator to examine its own being compatible, yet as a standard regulation consider all of them irreconcilable till effective typically.

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The style device has actually been actually revamped in 1.7; therefore 1.6 motifs will not function any longer. The operators have actually transformed, and also the information discussed in between all of them and also the sights has actually additionally progressed.

Each component re-installed on the brand-new store is going to require to become reconfigured

Refine particulars

A transfer comprises in:

As long as you keep on the very same significant model (ex-spouse. 1.6.0″ 1.6.1 or even 1.7.1″ 1.7.2 upgrade), our team bring in certain that the on call functions continue to be the very same.

This indicates that you exist style as well as all your components needs to proceed to operate as previously, and also no capability or even records will certainly be actually dropped throughout the upgrade, also if the data bank framework might modify.

Establishing a brand-new store operating on the most up to date variation

Receiving the development material coming from aged store

Changing the information for being compatible needs, needed records improve

Importing the information in the brand new store

Components can easily be actually much tougher to PrestaShop brand-new launches, yet some conflicts might develop when making use of an additional significant variation.

For home-made components, call your programmer to examine its own being compatible, however as a standard guideline consider all of them inappropriate till effective or else.



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