7 Ways to Make Money with NFTs

NFT for the creative industry is like what Vogue is for fashion. We all heard the incessant raving about these digital collectibles over the past few months.

After hearing about the million-dollar auctions and trades finance, the mania burgeoned and now everybody wants a sip of the NFT Marketplace lake.

You can do so by signing up at NFTically marketplace. NFTically makes investing in NFTs easy and accessible to all. Consequently, all you have to do is sign yourself up, create a digital wallet, fund your wallet and start minting and selling.

Let us look at diverse ways to make money with NFTs.

Licensed Collectibles

Just owning a licensed collectible is enough to generate a hefty income. Sports companies previously dealt trading cards and now the same thing but in the form of NFTs. With zero duplicity and reinforced scarcity they are more valuable than physical trading cards.

As of now only sports cards are the most illustrious in the field of licensed collectibles. However, there are multiple others from movies and shows.

The catch here is that since physical cards are easily damageable and fragile, they have a depreciating value. Conversely, NFTs will remain intact forever, making them perpetually valuable.

Digital Artwork

The most revolutionary change within the creative industry. This wave NFTs has proved to be quite favorable for artists. Furthermore, any form of art is priceless. The NFT marketplace is bustling with unparalleled work that you must check out.

The point is that while some consider this to be the golden era for the creative industry, others call this a bubble and a pretence for all the insider money laundering.

Recently, an artist Mike ‘Beeple’ Winkelmann’s Everyday: First 5000 Days was auctioned for a whopping $69 million dollars. Before that he was an unknown graphic designer and now he is Beeple- the artist who has single-handedly made some record-breaking trades.

Mint and Sell Your NFTs

Are you an artist? Do you wish to monetise your creation and siphon off some fame while you are at it? This would be the perfect opportunity for you. You can create almost anything that converts into a computerized file.

Digital paintings, memes, graphics, music, audio, videos, photographs, caricature and so much more.  Just go to any NFT marketplace and you will witness the diaspora of crypto collectibles. The blockchain technology will prevent fraudulence and you can make a fortune by selling your work. So, whether it is a parodied Donald Trump or intrinsically detailed digital painting, take the chance.

Trading NFTs

Another clever way of minting money with NFTs. As a collector, you can buy NFTs and then resell them at a profit. Multiple collectors have done that and it worked out quite well for them.

Nevertheless, there is some NFT Art that is worth millions while others are quite bluntly, worthless.

Therefore, you have to have in depth research with respect to the NFT marketplace adn what works in these. If you have the eye or such clairvoyance, then this might just be you.

NFT Video Game

Video games are also a booming business. When two burgeoning businesses collide, the results can be disastrously opulent.

Surprisingly enough, the blockchain technology allows you to purchase in-game items in the form of NFTs and even trade them. Many games have been a part of this. Recently, CryptoKitties have been claimed as one of the highest valued crypto collectibles in the NFT Marketplace. Many other companies are launching relatively affordable in-game items, so be on a lookout

NFT Stakes.

Newer concepts and ways to make money emerge as the NFT fandom grows. NFT staking is one such phenomenon.

With respect to crypto collectibles, staking implies that you store digital assets in the form of a ‘stake’ while assigning them to those willing to maintain them. In return, they give you a share of the reward.

There are multiple sites through which you can use these features and incentives. All you have to do is stake your NFTs.

Investing in NFT start-ups

With the proliferating craze of NFTs and crypto collectibles, we all know that this is not just a lame trend.They have had incalculable impacts on various industries and have completely changed the non-fungible game. Therefore, the quickest and indirect way to make money through NFTs is by investing in NFT start-ups.

We all have seen the numbers on the NFT marketplaces. Till, this business booms, you have nothing to lose.

Furthermore, there are so many promising start-ups that show great potential in the real world. All you have to do is choose and invest wisely.


Making money is not at all complex when it comes to NFTs, however, you have to be observant and quick-witted. Art is extreme, it can be either too valuable or absolutely worthless, fiscally. Therefore, be well-researched and for more such updates keep reading!


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