5 Types of Web Servers for Your Business

The internet is a constantly-growing entity, currently home to more than 1,800,000,000 websites. Each of these exists on a web server, but with so many websites, it can be difficult to pick which you would like to use.

If you’ve been interested in different types of servers for business, we have the information you need. Read on for more information on the five most popular types of web servers.

1. Apache Servers

One of the most popular options available, Apache Servers run a good section of the internet. Much of the popularity is due to Apache Servers being free to download and install. This makes it especially useful for hosting a dedicated server as an entrepreneur just starting out.

Apache also is extremely flexible for different needs. Whether you’re using a small blog or a massive thousand-page catalog, Apache is customized easily. The chances are very high that some of your favorite websites use Apache in some form.

2. WP Farm

WP Farm is the newest web server on the market, and is considerably more advanced than much of its competition. Still, because it’s so new, many haven’t begun to adopt it. This means you can sometimes struggle to find a local expert or online aid for a problem you’ve encountered.

However, WP Farm itself offers 24/7 support to aid you in case something goes wrong. There are many other web hosting benefits such as website repair, measures for enhanced cyber security, and tools to enhance site speed. This makes it especially useful for different types of email servers.

3. Google Web Server

Google Web Server – or GWS – is owned and operated by the tech titan Google. Built from the ground up, this webserver powers nearly anything Google runs on. Many estimates place it as one of the most popular web servers, powering as much as 13% of the internet’s active sites.

Of all the types of mail servers, GWS is one of the most efficient and sturdy. Its widespread popularity means support is never difficult to find.

4. Lightspeed

Equally as popular as GWS is LightSpeed Technologies’ Lightspeed server. Another of the core servers, Lightspeed utilizes the same configurations Apache uses with considerable improvements.

Focused on high speed, IT branches, in particular, utilize this web server. It’s excellent for high-volume sites and multitasking.

5. Internet Information Services

Used primarily by Microsoft, IIS is built more for PCs and can find stability issues with Linux and Mac. Still, it’s a highly popular option for managing websites. One of the most popular types of servers for business, IIS focuses on IT networking, site modification, and performance optimization.

Many Types of Web Servers

There are plenty of different types of web servers to choose from. Consider your uses for web servers before making a choice. If you’re focused on an email service, one of the several types of mail servers might be best for you.

If you’re interested in learning more about web servers, be sure to contact us or read through our blog for more information.

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