5 Tips on How to Improve Your Network Monitoring

Did you know you should update your router and computer every 3-4 years? Your hardware needs maintenance and protection, just like your network.

Network monitoring is essential because it constantly is checking to make sure that there isn’t anything that’s failing or working slowly. Keep reading and we will guide you through the top five tips on how to improve your network monitoring.

1. Establish What Notifications Require Escalation

Your network monitoring system will send notifications based on how you set up what you want to be notified about. For example, if your network is running slowly, you may want to be notified whereas someone else may set notifications only for serious network issues.

You also want to set a clear path of escalation. If there’s a serious network outage, you will want instructions on action that needs to be taken and the line of people that need to be notified.

2. What Information Needs to be Monitored

Another essential part of improving network monitoring is establishing what information is critical and needs to be monitored. For example, there could something that causes all your employees to lose email and Internet access.

Email and Internet are key to your employees and their work, so this is something you would want to be monitored closely. You also need to know what metrics to look for when something is about to fail to you can track and correctly monitor these issues.

3. Set the Performance Foundation

Before you can monitor and know that your network is healthy and working properly, you need to set the performance baseline.

See how your network is working now, and understand those metrics so that you have a basis for when something is underperforming or exceeding your expectations.

4. Set Up 24/7 Monitoring

You want to make sure that your server monitoring is on 24/7. An error can occur at any time of the day or night, you want to make sure that someone gets notified and can fix it as soon as possible.

You can learn more about server monitoring and how to set everything up with these tips.

You also will want to have instructions who’s in charge of getting any abnormal notifications. Should they wait and address it until the morning? Is there someone you will have on call to fix something at late hours of the night?

You want to make sure to have these decisions in place and make sure employees are aware of their role.

5. Understand Your Infrastructure

Understanding your network monitoring infrastructure is another vital base to monitor effectively.

The infrastructure includes how many routers, switches, endpoints, and where everything is physically located and how it connects to everything as a whole.

Improve Your Network Monitoring Today

Now that you have all of the right tips, you can improve your network monitoring today.

You need to ensure that you have performance metrics, understand your architecture, what information needs to be monitored, escalation instructions, and maintain the monitoring 24/7.

Start analyzing ways you can improve or keep reading about the latest news in tech here!

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