4 Ways to Turn Camping into Glamping

If you have a weekend booked at a campsite, either in and around your local area or else farther afield and even across states, you may well be looking forward to getting down and dirty and back to nature.

However, if your idea of a holiday is more of the five-star, all-inclusive sunshine and beach vibes and you are far more used to hot running water and electricity, then your upcoming camping weekend may well not live up to your ideals of a vacation.

Here for your information and reading pleasure are four fabulous ways to turn your camping weekend into a glamping experience (or at least to make it slightly more bearable).

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1.   Make the Place Look Pretty

It would be entirely impractical to bring along your entire wall-art collection into the tent with you, but one way which you can make your surroundings and your temporary bedroom far more appealing and comfortable is to invest in some battery-powered lanterns, fairy lights, and table lamps.

This way, not only will you be able to see what you are doing inside the tent, but it will at least make you feel as if the air is warm, even if this is purely psychosomatic.

2.   Avoid Standing in the Rain

Instead of having to stand outside, huddled under an umbrella which, although doing its best to stand up to the onslaught of wind and rain, is failing, whilst you smoke a cigarette, you should instead choose to bring along an e-cigarette starter kit.

Not only will you stay warm and dry, but there is also a wide plethora of fabulously tasting e-liquids, from cotton candy to banoffee pie. When you buy from a reputable supplier, such as redjuice.co.uk, you can rest assured you only have the highest quality equipment and juice.

3.   Bring Along a Duvet

Traditionally, when you see people in movies and television programs snuggled under their sleeping bags and settling down for the night after a long day sourcing wood to make a fire, for example, they seem happy and content.

However, in the real world of camping, sleeping bags are rarely adequate to keep you warm, let alone cover the entirety of your body. If you are intending on getting a proper night’s sleep in the tent, the only way to ensure this is either to bring along your duvet from home or invest in a cheap duvet and quilt cover which you keep solely for these exciting glamping occasions.

4.   Entertainment

Now it is certainly true to say that when embarking upon a camping weekend, you should be embracing the simpler way of life and not be hooked up to your smartphone, tablet, or laptop and constantly posting on social media.

However, if you are someone who at least needs to check in with such things on a semi-regular basis, then you should always remember to bring along more than one portable power pack to charge your vital devices. Just be careful to only use the devices sparingly, else your battery will run out before the sun even sets.


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