Social Media Marketing: 3 Roles of a Social Media Influencer

Did you know Instagram influencers with over a million followers can make up to $250,000 from brand-sponsored posts?

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Social media platforms have slowly become an amalgamation of personal content, direct ads, and sponsored posts. Influencers have mastered the art of combining personal content with sponsorships.

It’s no surprise that social media teams are scrambling to collaborate with influencers. But what does a social media influencer actually do? And are they really all that skilled in social media marketing?

We’re here to fill you in. Keep reading below to learn about three of an influencer’s main responsibilities.

1. Create a Schedule

You’ll often see YouTubers sign off videos by reminding viewers which day of the week they upload videos. This gives existing followers something to look forward to and draws new viewers in with the promise of consistent new content.

Every influencer needs to create a social media calendar. Mapping out their monthly posts makes it easier to promote their content, especially if they post on multiple platforms.

It also keeps followers interested. If a social media influencer isn’t frequently posting their followers can grow impatient and unfollow.

2. Create Well-Performing Content

Sure, it’s important to consistently post content, but that shouldn’t cause an influencer’s standards to drop. To stay relevant, influencers need to create strong content that performs well on various platforms.

However, a platform’s algorithm won’t love every post—at least not right away. A professional social media manager may work with an influencer, for example, to buy Instagram likes from real people to boost a post’s organic growth.

It’s important to boost a post’s performance as much as possible, even if it isn’t sponsored. Even if one post goes viral, you won’t see much account growth if your other posts fall flat. You need those constant interactions to ensure the account maintains its following—after all, social media marketing emphasizes relevancy.

3. Collaborate with Strong Brands

There’s a reason influencers have the title they do—they influence their followers and can persuade them to buy certain products. The best influencer-brand collaborations result when an influencer genuinely enjoys and uses a brand’s product.

When working with brands, influencers need to adhere to all the sponsorship guidelines and be aware of the consequences of a contract breach. It’s their responsibility to promote the product genuinely and with enthusiasm, as well as to make product links visible and easily accessible.

The Role of a Social Media Influencer in the Social Media Marketing Industry

Despite how it appears, there’s more to being a social media influencer than looking pretty in photos. Even if an influencer works with a social media management team, they need to have some social media marketing savvy to become successful. With the info above, you’ll get a better idea of the role that influencers play in the world of marketing.

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