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Pikdo was a popular website that was used to browse Instagram app. It was a free website that let you enjoy your Instagram feed without having to create or login for an account.

It provided a number of different features that we are going to discuss in our blog today. we’ll begin with an overview of this site and then gradually start discussing its alternative platforms that you can use today.

An Overview of Pikdo:

The Pikdo website was developed to help people use Instagram in a different and efficient way. The traditional way of using the official Insta app can become boring for some people. Besides that, people needed a tool that would help them download videos and pictures directly from Instagram. The Pikdo website is used to provide people with all these features.

Overview of Pikdo

Unfortunately, the site went down and you can no longer use it. Fortunately, we have found some good alternatives that you can use instead of this one. These alternative platforms work the same way and provide similar features.

But before we start discussing them, let’s take a look at some of the major features this website was equipped with.

The Features Pikdo Insta Viewer Used to Have:

The list of the features that the Pikdo website used to have is given below:

An Easily Navigable User Interface:

The interface that this website had made it a lot easier to use. Since there are many things that one could do on the site, having a smooth interface was a necessity. Pikdo handled this necessity decently. All the options on this website were finely organized.

Download Photos and Videos:

One of the most useful features this Insta viewer had was the ability to download photos and videos. You could use this platform to download whatever media you like from Instagram directly to your device.

Browse Newsfeed Differently:

Pikdo allowed users to browse through your Insta newsfeed in a little different way. It had different features like viewing pictures in full screen and in an automatic slideshow mode. This gave people a little different way of using Instagram than the orthodox way.

Completely Free to Use:

This platform was completely free to use. This means that you could enjoy all the features it provides you with without even having to pay any money.

Browse Anonymously:

The website used to allow its users to use Instagram anonymously. This means that if you saw another person’s story or highlight, they wouldn’t have been notified. This made it stalking profiles a lot easier. Since there was no need to log in for an account, you could easily use all the Insta features anonymously.

These were some of the major features of this Insta viewer site that you could enjoy.

Alternatives of Pikdo:

Although the Pikdo website has gone down now, there are some alternate websites that you can use to have a similar experience:


Picnob is a free Insta viewer application that provides similar features to Pikdo. You can use this site to explore different Insta profiles without having to log in to an account. You can also see other people’s stories and highlights anonymously.

The interface of this website is very simple. You can explore accounts by typing in their usernames in the search bar. Videos and picture-downloading feature is also available in this tool. There is a ‘download’ button available under every post for that.


instagram online viewer

Now you need to worry even if you forget your Instagram account password for one reason or the other.

You can use Dumpor to access all the features of an Instagram profile. Dumpor is the best alternative to Pikdo because their basic working is the same- viewing Instagram profiles.

Get the best experience of social media by using Dumpor and enjoy viewing Instagram IGs, stories, reels, and much more fun.

You can even use this app viewer to stack your crushes and get to know what others are doing without disclosing your identity.

A feature that makes Dumpor the best alternative is that you can analyze your Instagram activity photos or stories you like, comment on, and share.

Simply, get away with all the fuss of creating and remembering your Instagram profiles and get into the install world by using Dumpor.



Apart from Dumpor, Picuki is also a reliable and safe Instagram viewer, resembling with Pikdo viewer. For a social media lover like you, this platform is no less than a bounty.

As you can visit and interact with Instagram without taking the task of logging in, it appears as a wonderful viewer.


You might fear getting identified while stalking your crushes, your favorite celebs, and your friends. But this viewing app helps you disguise while surfing through Instagram.


Therefore, it is the best Instagram stalker after Pikdo, as you can use it to see the content of the person who has blocked you.

Get free and unlimited access to this service using this pikdo alternative viewer. If you want to use this service, you have to paste the nickname of any person you want to see in the search box and click on the search button on this platform.



Greatfon is also a viewer app and Instagram downloader just like Pikdo. Here you can watch web posts, #hashtagged, followers, and stories anonymously. you can also download videos, reels, photos, and any account.

Trending Pikdo Online Profile Searches

As Instagram is all about new trends and new fashions, Pikdo automatically becomes a part of these innovations.

People search for different things on Instagram but some things go trending and become famous because most people search for them.

·        Suraqah Pikdo

Most men and women like fitness freaks and bodybuilders. Most bodybuilders have remained an internet sensation and Suraqah Shabazz is the one.

Suraqah pikdo is currently trending on Instagram and on Pikdo as well. Coming from Chicago, the USA, he is not only a bodybuilder but an inspiring figure for many of us.

That’s why people search for him as Suqarah pikdo on the internet to get the latest updates about him.

·        Leighnk Pikdo:

It is another famous Instagram search. People also search for Leigh on Google. However, this profile is trending on Pikdo as well.

Getting to know about your favorite profiles is an exciting thing, that’s why you can search for leighnk pikdo to get new updates of this profile on Instagram.

·        Jonathan Alexander09 pikdo:

Jonathan is an American professor and rhetorician. He is currently a professor at UC Irvine. His Instagram profile is currently trending on Instagram pikdo.

You can get the best of all the trends by using pikdo Instagram viewer.


Pikdo was one of the most widely used websites to browse Instagram anonymously. The reason for its popularity was the features it provided. You can find details on these features in the information above.

Now that the site has gone down, there are still some alternative sites you can use for a similar experience. Their detail is also available above.


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