Mexico vs. SEO. How to Do SEO on the Local Market?

Mexico as well as more officially known as it is known as the United Mexican States, is an extremely diverse nation in every aspect.

It is probably connected to chocolates and the rich Mayas as well as the Aztecs Tequila culture, as well as an energetic temperament.

The capital city of the nation has more than 21,581,000 people, making it the fifth largest city in the world. What is SEO?

Do you think it’s worthwhile to try to break into Mexico? Mexican market? In this article we’ll take an in-depth review of the elements that must be taken into consideration in conducting SEO in Mexico.

The market profile is of a Mexican market.

Mexico is in total contradiction regarding its economy. Gross domestic product (GDP) of Agencia SEO Mexico ranks 15th largest in the world. While the high amount of oil and exports boosts the status of Mexico in rankings however it is not a reliable indicator of the living standards of the people.

A lot of families suffer from extreme poverty. According by the federal government as high as 40% of the population lives in poverty.

The auto industry is very profitable in Mexico as is the oil industry and the automotive market. Many brands, including Ford, Audi, Mercedes Benz, BMW, and Nissan are investing heavily on Mexican production facilities.

Around 89 of the 100 most well-known automobile parts manufacturers across the world have production factories in Mexico.

Latin American country. In the year 2000 it was estimated in 2000 that the United States imported from Mexico automobiles and parts worth around US$ 93 billion.

It’s also important to talk about this ongoing Mexican Drug War between the authorities, gangs along with drug cartels.

Because of this, Mexican streets can be unsafe and there are a lot of victims of missing children.

Presently, Mexican cartels are responsible for over 90% of cocaine that is imported into the US and their revenues from wholesale transactions exceed $48.4 billion annually.

Despite the drug-related problems and murders It appears there is a sense that it appears that Mexican market is extremely open.

The 1,973,000 square kilometers of land comprise 129.2 million people.

The following chart shows exports statistics for Mexico in 2017. Mexico exported goods worth $418 billion.

It was the 9th most prolific exporter globally. In the last five years exports out of Mexico have grown by 2 percent every year, growing between 373 billion USD in 2012 to $418 billion in 2017.

Imports-wise machines, equipment for industrial use and automotive components are typically imported products.

The following image shows the goods imported into Mexico. In 2017 Mexico imports goods worth $356 billion. This makes it the 13th largest importer in the world.

In the last five years, imports from Mexico have grown from $337 billion in 2012 to $356 billion in the year 2017 that’s equivalent to an annual increase in the range of 0.4 percent.

SEO within Mexico What are you required to know about?

If you’re thinking of joining the Mexican online marketplace be aware that the majority people in Mexico prefer buying from online retailers that provide secure payment options, including free shipping or no-interest monthly plans for payment or return with a money-back guarantee.

A normal Mexican individual Who’s the person?

We often think of Mexico as a destination for common Machos Tequila, Machos, or the asymmetry between males and females.

While these stereotypes are true however, the overall state of Mexico is getting better year after year. It’s vital to know the way Mexican people view the concept of death as well as life.

They are fascinated by laughter and comedy. Mexicans are extremely susceptible for addictions (teenagers too) and generally take pleasure in their favorite activities. Mexicans are usually fascinated by certain topics and argue about the subject for long periods of time.

Although they’re helpful and friendly however, they’re also unorganized in their timekeeping. They’re also adept at creating excuses.

They are not in support of their government, and they refer to officials in the same way as “ratas,” meaning rats because of their extensive corruption.

The above descriptions only cover the most popular stereotypes about common Mexican residents. Take note that the population of people living in Mexico is diverse and definitely diverse.

SEO Vs. Language – Mexican Spanish

Companies looking to expand their reach into the market in the region can utilize English in the event that their customers are likely to be middle-class or upper-class and converse in English.

However, companies that wish to expand their market share need to develop their websites with Spanish. In this instance it is important to remember that Spanish in every Latin American country is slightly different.

Furthermore the Mexican constitution lists 64 languages as official ones. However, 63 comprise Indian languages. Indian languages aren’t spoken by Mexicans each day.

When it comes in Mexican Spanish, it’s worth taking note of the words that have many meanings. Let’s look at “Madre” as an illustration.

The original intent behind the term could refer to “mother,” but it’s not the only one. The phrase can also be used to refer to something you’re not sure about or unable to come up with a suitable word for it. For example, “Pastime ESA Madre” is similar to “give me this.” If you’re not interested in the information you’re getting, declare “Me vale”

Madre” that means “I don’t really care.” In Mexico there is a popular phrase to can say “no tienes Madre” to anyone who is offensive and who doesn’t display any guilt.

Confused? But this isn’t the end the story! “No entiendo ni Madre” is substituted by any normal Spanish person. “no entiendo nada” signifies “I don’t understand anything,” and “a toda madre” is described as something you love.

Well-known social media as well as websites

According to statistical projections the amount of people using social media is projected to rise in the range of 64.1 million by 2019, and up to 73 million in 2023.

Therefore, it’s crucial to make yourself active with social networking. Which ones are the most profitable? These images are the most effective ones to focus upon Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube.

WhatsApp as well as Instagram are two other sites that are popular for social media in Mexico.

It’s not too surprising that Google with its 99 percent share of the market share is by far the best internet search engine in Mexico.

Thus, SEO activities won’t differ from those of Europe so far as the actual search engine is related. There’s no reason to be concerned about other search engines because their share isn’t enough to make a difference.

What Domain should you choose?

You have two choices to choose from when you choose your domain name for Mexico. You can choose either of the .mx or domains.

While both options differ in terms of SEO but they are both more popular domain is used more frequently.

It is important to know that there is over two times as many websites as .mx ones in Mexico. Another area is specifically devoted to Latin American countries (.lat). If you’re planning to concentrate solely at Mexico, or the Mexican markets, it’s recommended to choose the domain.

Link construction – Where do I connect?

Be conscious of social media as they play a greater role in the process of communicating and online shopping every year.

If you’re trying to sell your product, you should consider websites such as mercadolibre, amazon and liner.

To sum up

Due to the number of people living in Mexico, the high population, and the huge number of people living there of Mexicans, it is no wonder that the Mexican market is attractive to investors and entrepreneurs.

If you’re planning to conduct SEO within Mexico consider the deep-rooted culture of Mexico as well as the normality and seasonality specific products.

It is important to understand the Spanish language and variations of it are important as Spanish is a distinct language in all countries.

Be conscious of social media platforms as well as your versions for mobile devices of your site since, as the information suggests the areas of these are expected to grow in importance over the years ahead.



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