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Making a Statement: 6 Different Types of Banners for Businesses

The statistics tell us that people are far more likely to retain and recall visual information than written.

To put it simply, we’re drawn in by visually appealing images. This is why visual marketing with banners remains one of the most powerful methods of engaging potential clients. 

If you’re curious about the benefits of banners for businesses, and the different types of banners available, discover these six different types of banners for business.

1. Suspendable Banners for Businesses

Suspendable or hanging banners are designed to interrupt the viewer’s line of sight for maximum impact. 

This is an intelligent marketing technique and is why these are some of the best types of banners for businesses.

You’ll find suspendable banners in supermarkets, department stores, and shopping malls. They may feature special offers or be promoting a specific brand.

2. Barrier Banners

You may not have even considered these to be a marketing tool, as their primary function is to divide or enclose a space. 

Barrier banners are often found at cafes and bars, which need to define their space from a pedestrian area. They’re usually printed with the venue’s logo, which is an effective way of strengthening visual branding. 

Barrier banners are durable and weatherproof, making them perfect for outdoor use. 

3. Flag Banners

Available in several different forms, like custom printed feather flags, teardrop banners, or sail flags.

These are the eye-catching, portable banners that you’ll see at small businesses like cafes and stores. 

Real estate agents also use them as a simple way to indicate an open house event. Their compact nature makes them incredibly versatile, while their height means they won’t be overlooked. 

4. Retractable Banners

AKA pull-up banners. The perfect choice for any organization which needs to present its business on the go. Retractable banners are often seen at trade shows, in entryways, and used by event speakers. 

Thanks to their portable design, they’re the perfect choice for anyone who travels to represent their brand. The banner itself retracts into the base, and once rolled out, is held taut by the extendable pole. 

The banner design can reflect the brand logo or could be more detailed to outline a campaign, offer, or product. 

5. Tripod Banners

A close cousin of the retractable banner, tripod banners offer many of the same benefits. They’re portable, lightweight, and very versatile. 

One potential benefit of tripods over retractables is that you have the option to change the display. You can swap out the graphics to reflect the changing needs or circumstances of your event. This isn’t an option with retractable banners, which would need to be reprinted.

Whichever type you need, work with a banner printing company built on a customer first philosophy to advise you on the best option. 

6. Backdrops or Step and Repeat Banners

Not to be overlooked – the humble backdrop banner performs hard. If you need to quickly and easily brand an entire space like an exhibition stand, a backdrop banner is an excellent method.

Similarly, if you have a blank canvas that you need to customize but not necessarily take center stage, a step and repeat banner is perfect. Often seen at sports and media events, these are the extensive backgrounds with a brand’s logo repeated across them.

Brand Your Space With Banners

Whatever your requirements, custom banners for businesses are a powerful tool for branding a space. Of these six types of banners for businesses, at least one is sure to be perfect for the job.

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