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How to determine the functionality of an application.

One of the most important steps is determining the functionality of the application. It is important here to correctly formulate the goals and objectives that the application will solve.

In other words, you need to answer the question why this application is being created at all. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and think about the purpose for which you will install and use your application.

Development of a mobile application from A to Z is a rather long and laborious work, feasible only for a professional team. We provide them on

However, technologies do not stand still and services are gradually appearing that allow you to independently create full-fledged applications. What are these services and are they really suitable for solving complex problems? We will talk about this and many other things in today’s article

For example, if you manage your own online store, then in this vein, the mobile application will help customers choose products through tablets or smartphones – this is the goal. To implement it, you need to ensure the following:

  • Convenient navigation. There is nowhere in an online store without this – the client must be fully provided with all the functions that may be useful to him in certain cases.
  • Purchase registration block. Care must be taken to ensure that the application includes a shopping cart, a payment system, and order tracking.
  • Personal Area. There should be such sections as “Purchase History”, “Desires”, “Favorites”.
  • Push notifications. They will inform the user about new promotions and arrivals.

This was an example for an online store, but the applications are often similar in structure. I recommend that you research your business area in order to accurately formulate goals and objectives.

Look at examples from competitors – find out which sections their applications include. Please note that we are not touching on the design topic, since at this stage it is important to focus solely on the functionality of the application.

Top 5 best builders for creating an app on Android and iOS

We’ll talk about dedicated services for building mobile apps, excluding development tools like Android Studio and Apper. In them, of course, you can also make an application with your own hands, but this will take a lot of time.

Therefore, my choice fell on constructors (product designer vs ux designer) – this is a simple solution for simple applications:


Let’s create an application with our own hands

For example, let’s take the Mobincube tool – it has a free version with limited functionality, with which you can create a ready-made application for iOS and Android. Well, let’s get started! First of all, we go to the official page and go through the registration.

As soon as the account is registered, we will be automatically redirected to your personal account. To create an application from scratch, select “Create a new App”

Next, we are offered two options for creating an application – for beginners (Templates) or for experienced ones (Blank). Since our guide is for beginners, we will select “Templates” for example.

The next step we are offered to choose one of the categories for the future application. Let it be Kindergarten. Give it a name and click “Create”.

As a result, we get to the template editing window.

Here we have access to various tools for constructing a program: pictures, texts, tables, videos and much more. In addition, there is another interesting option described at the top of the page – there we are informed that the service can help in creating an application for the selected category.

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After going through such instructions, we will be able to get a ready-made product with all the necessary elements. Let’s do it – click “Next” and follow the instructions.


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