How Can I Learn a Back End Programming Language?

Like in the movies, lots of people ensure everything flows perfectly behind the scenes. They help power the web, allowing you to browse through different websites.

These web heroes are the backend developers. 

Backend Languge

Are you hoping to join this modest team? If so, here are some basic considerations to ease your back-end programming language learning. 

What Is a Backend Developer? 

A back-end developer is someone working behind the scenes to ensure that web applications work as intended. They write codes responsible to connect a website to a database. 

They are also responsible for managing user connections and powering web applications. A back-end programmer also writes APIs used for mobile versions of web applications. 

Full stack developer

How to become a Backend Developer

To start your career, learn back-end programming languages. It includes the most popular types and frameworks. Let’s discuss these in the sections below. 

Learn Backend Programming Languages

To become a backend developer, choose your preferred coding languages. Several programming languages are available, but you can start learning JavaScript, C, or Python. 

The more programming languages, the better. The extra knowledge helps you find the language befitting your skills. 

Understand Different Types of Back End Programming Languages

Backend programming language can be functional or object-oriented (OOP). The former is action-based, using declarative language executed in any order. These languages are often for data science. 

Meanwhile, the latter focuses on creating objects. This type of programming language uses statements executed in order. Common OOP languages include Python, Java, and. NET. 

Backend programming languages can be statically or dynamically typed. Statistically typed languages are better at catching errors but are more rigid. Meanwhile, dynamically typed languages allow variables to change, making them more flexible. 

Popular Backend Programming Languages

Backend Languge

Java is a versatile programming language, contributing to its popularity. Java Virtual Machine (JVM) allows you to run code anywhere you want regardless of where you compiled the code. Big companies like Uber, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and eBay use Java. 

Did you know that 79.1% of all websites use PHP? It’s a great option for beginners since it’s more forgiving of coding errors. It also has a big community and tool support for PHP users.

Thus, you get access to plenty of resources dedicated to the programming language. 

Setting up PHP is also easier compared to other programming languages. Companies like Facebook, Viber, and Hootsuite run on PHP language. 

.NET follows the Model-View-Controller, making it stable and reliable. It’s a popular choice for business owners. With .NET, you can create mobile and web apps, build desktop applications, and more. 

C# allows backend developers to write independent programs. It’s more popular for developers since it’s easier to use, especially with an error-proof command.

Companies like Starbucks and Microsoft use C# for their barcodes. After all, they use a barcode scanner c#

Start Learning Back End Programming Languages Today

These are only the most important things to learn about back-end programming languages. Use these tips to keep your learning curve manageable.

There are countless more things to discover. Continue browsing through our site to find more articles such as this one. 

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