Areas of home security you must not overlook

When you think about home security, you first think of locking your doors and windows or maybe installing a burglar alarm, but there are other areas you should consider.

Home security can also include things that make you feel safe in your own home and protect it from damage as well as break-ins and burglaries.

After all, there is little to be gained by feeling safe in your own home but being afraid to go out of your heavily bolted door, and the answer might lie in keeping undesirables away from your property in the first place.

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Motion detecting lighting

Having lighting triggered by motion detectors can be a good place to start.

Not only does this make your property a safer place for those you want to be there, like visitors who come round after dark in the winter months (like trick or treaters), but it is likely to startle anyone who is up to no good.

Anyone sneaking up your driveway with the idea of stealing or gaining entry to your car is likely to flee the scene if they are suddenly bathed in light.

They are exposed, and it also alerts both you and your neighbors, so not only are they likely to leave you alone, but those living close by as well, which can only be good news.

Stop groups from loitering

It’s not just those that creep up in the dark that might be on your mind, but also groups of youths hanging out in the street outside your house, especially if you live on a corner or near a convenience store.

They are likely not to have any malicious intent, but when groups of youth hang out and start to mess about, things can be damaged by accident, and you would much rather those things did not belong to you.

By using an anti loitering sound device that broadcasts a sound that can only be heard by certain age groups, you can passively encourage them to move on somewhere else, without risking the kind of confrontation that might result in you speaking to them in person.

This can mean that you don’t have to worry that every shout or burst of laughter outside is going to have to result in you claiming on your insurance.

Join the neighborhood watch

As touched on earlier, by making the area around your own property more secure, it also has benefits for your immediate neighbors.

Taking this one step further, by joining a neighborhood watch scheme and joining forces, the whole group will be greater than the sum of the parts.

This again can be amplified by joining the National Neighborhood Watch.

Doing something like this can mean that signs are put up to show that you are coordinating your efforts against burglars and vandals and discourage them from trying anything in your area.

Many neighborhood watch schemes are also linked to local law enforcement, who can also give further useful advice.


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