An Introduction to Mobile Gaming

Were you aware that the mobile gaming market was expected to reach 7.6 billion dollars in 2020?

Mobile gaming took off over the last decade now that everyone has a phone in their pocket capable of excellent graphics. Billions of people use phone games worldwide. 

Want to know more about mobile and online gaming? What kind of phone games are out there? Continue down the page. We’ll fill you in on what you should know. 

How Did Mobile Gaming Get Started?

Mobile gaming has been around since the invention of the cellphone. The first mobile game was Snake. It came out in 1997, and everyone who played it found it super addictive. The premise was simple, and you could play it for a short enough time that it didn’t feel like a real-time investment. 

If you fast forward to 2007, mobile gaming exploded with the launching of the iPhone. At the time, an assortment of games became available on the App Store as well.

Games like Angry Birds changed the face of mobile gaming, and now we have a ton of different games to choose from. Many gaming companies decide to release mobile games alongside their console releases. 

What Are the Best Mobile Games?

The best mobile game will depend on what you like to play. There has been an evolution of mobile gaming over the years, and there are many different types of play. 

You can play something location-based. This type of game uses your phone’s GPS data to help players coordinate their locations and find certain objects based on where they are. 

Augmented reality games have become very popular as well. Players can interact with monsters or creatures using the camera on their phones. Pokemon Go is an example of this type of game. 

The Mobile Gaming Platform

Due to the popularity of mobile gaming, there are a ton of handheld consoles and other ways to play mobile games now. Playing on an iPhone or Android remains one of the most popular ways to game. 

There are almost six million apps available to download on the app store market in 2021. Many of these gaming apps can be found on the Google Play store, with the Apple app store following closely behind. Companies like GameMine can have a vast catalog of games that you can choose from. 

The best part about playing games on a mobile device is you don’t need a fancy mobile gaming setup. For the most part, you just need your phone and access to the internet. 

How Do You Game?

Mobile gaming is hugely popular. Many people have tried it at least once if they’re not addicted already. There are a ton of mobile games out there to try, and you’re likely to find something you’ll enjoy. 

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