A List of Disability Laws and How They Might Apply to You

Back in 1964, The Civil Rights Act was passed to protect the citizens of the United States from unfair discrimination. Many people don’t know that it was not until 1973 that the Rehabilitation Act was passed to protect people who had disabilities of one kind or another.  

Since then, the list of disability laws has grown to improve the system of protections offered to people with disabilities in the United States. However, not many people know about all of the ins and outs of these laws.

If people don’t know what protections they have, they will often end up with their rights violated. So how can you know your rights and make sure to protect them?

Read on to learn everything you need to know about the disability laws that may protect you or a loved one!

The Individuals With Disabilities Education Act 

A few years after the Rehabilitation Act was passed, the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act was passed, too. It specifically required that children with disabilities be able to receive a free and appropriate education.

This law also provided other protections and benefits. Among other things, it provided financial assistance to help schools to be able to teach their students with disabilities.

This law applies to children, who in this case are defined as people up to the age of 21. If a school identifies a child as having a disability, then they must notify the parents in writing. 

The requirement to notify them in writing allows those parents to challenge the notice at a hearing. This way, there is recourse if somebody at school makes the wrong call with regards to a child with a disability.

An interesting fact that many people do not know is that this law originally had a different name. It was originally called the Education for All Handicapped Children Act.

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The Americans With Disabilities Act 

The Americans with Disabilities Act is a federal law that prohibits disability discrimination. This disability law also requires that companies make reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities.

The Disability Act law also applies to schools, with the exception of religious schools.

If you look more deeply into these laws, then you can learn them well enough to protect yourself in many situations. However, most people rely on the expertise of qualified professionals to understand these complicated legal matters on their behalf.

California disability laws, for instance, may differ from those of other states.

If you would like to speak with professionals about these laws, you can get in touch with this specialized firm

Know the List of Disability Laws That Protect You

We hope that you were able to learn something helpful about the list of disability laws that may protect you or someone that you love. The more you know about your legal rights, the better a position you will be in to protect and take care of yourself.

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