7 Advanced SEO Hacks for Your To-Do List in 2022

Search engine optimization or SEO is a common practice that helps you to generate more traffic to your website and not just traffic but organic traffic.

In this article, we are going to disclose seven advanced hacks that will help you with your search engine optimization in 2022.

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Have a look at these 7 advanced tips and you are good to go. 

Tabbed content 

Many of you might think that tabbed content is harmful to SEO but it is not. It helps your website to be more user-friendly.

It was always important to improve users’ experience but in 2022 it has become pretty much a need.

If you want to rank your website, it needs to be user-friendly. And keeping content in tabs is not going to harm your search engine optimization.

Internal link optimization

internal linking

Work on your internal link optimization because this is the right time.

It connects a page to another page so that Google has an idea about your website.

Once Google understands your website it becomes easier to rank it accordingly.

This hack might not be new but it’s worth it.

You just have to create lots of content because you might need internal pages to create internal links.

The main purposes of link building are to help websites to navigate, interpret architecture and ranking, and allocate ranking power throughout the site.

FAQ schema

FAQ stands for frequently asked questions and if you work on this tactic, it might help you in ranking your website.

It is sort of a code you place on your website which guides search engines that certain content is available in the form of question answers.

You can use it for brand question answers.

Students ask for essay writing service UK  There are several benefits of FAQ schema but two manage advantages are the following;

  • It improves click-through rates
  • It helps you to grab more real estate in SERPs

Turn blog posts into videos 

It’s not new that people love visuals and they are more inclined towards watching than reading. So, it can be a great idea to turn your blogs into videos.

It will help you to reach your targeted audience and it will increase the traffic.

According to research, businesses that use visuals instead of written content, gain 44% more traffic than those who do the opposite.

Since, technology is getting advanced, therefore; you need to upgrade your website too.


You might have seen many websites that post the same article or any content again and again? This is not what it looks like.

If you check it out, you may happen to find minor changes in it every time because they update it.

Updating your website content helps you rank in SERPs because search engines tend to prioritize the most recent and relevant content.

Long-tail keywords

Here’s the secret. Long-tail keywords get easily ranked because they are more specific and not-so-common.

You don’t need to get crazy with it, usually, a normal long-tail keyword contains 3 or 4 words.

For instance, instead of using the word ‘CIPD assignment services’ if you use ‘CIPD assignment writing services’ then your keyword is most likely to get ranked on search engine result pages quickly.

Google discover 

Get on Google discover ASAP. It is an Al-driven mobile news feed created by Google.

It delivers videos and articles directly to smartphones based on previous searches and interests. Users can always customize it accordingly.


The sole purpose of this article was to provide you with all the information about the latest and advanced hack that you should add to your SEO to-do list.

Because we understand, it gets exhausting when you are trying hard for your website but not getting any good results.



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