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3 Reasons to Find Nearby Senior Communities for Aging Parents

There is never a time when it is easy to place aging parents in a nursing home or residential senior community.

Somehow there’s always that nagging bit of guilt at the back of our minds that we should be able to take them in and care for them as they cared for us when we were little and vulnerable.

Unfortunately, it’s not always as simple as that but what we can do is find nearby senior communities to keep them as close as possible.

In fact, there are several reasons why you might want to find nearby senior communities for your aging parents.

Here are just three of them that should help you realize this is best for everyone involved.

1. Close Enough to Reach with a Moment’s Notice

One of the main reasons why you can’t offer your aging parents a place to stay is usually because of the time factor.

They are exhibiting signs of the onset of dementia, and you simply don’t have enough hours in the day to care for them adequately.

When you search for “senior communities near me and get results like Belmont Village,” you know you have found the solution to the time conundrum.

Your parents can be part of a senior community close enough for you to get to if the care staff feels like your presence is required.

In other words, a nearby senior community has support staff that can be there for them in your absence but can reach you if necessary.

2. Familiar Sights Add Layers of Comfort

Another reason why many adult children lament being unable to care for their aging parents at home is because of what it will do to them to suddenly uproot them.

Part of the problem with moving from a home they’ve lived in for so many years can be a traumatic upset to routines they are familiar with and the sights and sounds that have met them every day for decades.

By finding nearby senior communities it’s almost like being at ‘home’ because it’s the same neighborhood.

In fact, many of their compatriots may be residents there as well. Staying close to home offers the best of both worlds.

3. Close Enough for Weekly Outings

Another issue many families encounter is being able to visit often enough after years of being there every Sunday, without fail, for a family dinner. Some senior assisted and independent living residences even allow for overnight guests which makes it nice around the holidays.

As long as you find a senior community close enough to make weekly visits possible, it’s another way to keep your aging parents free from an imagined stress of being forgotten or neglected.

In reality, senior communities near enough to ‘home’ may soon feel like home. With familiar sights, sounds and people surrounding them, the transition can be easier than you thought possible.

Just remember that you should visit as much as possible in the early weeks and months to reassure mom and dad that they aren’t being forgotten.

You have them where they are safe, comfortable, and close enough to you for comfort. That’s the best anyone can ask.

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