12 College Essentials for Your Dorm and Beyond

Attending college is a new milestone. You’re heading off to college, and it’s time to shop for your dorm room. Despite the size of the room or if you have a roommate, there are college essentials you need.

Keep reading for our dorm room essentials checklist every new college student should take with them when it’s time to go shopping.

1. A Laptop and Tablet are College Essentials

Every college student needs a laptop and tablet to succeed in college. Devices now have more memory and hold additional apps like Kindles and other digital book software. Consider buying a refurbished MacBook if cost is a concern.

2. Linen Set

College dorms come with beds, but schools don’t supply linen. One of the fun moments in shopping for dorm essentials is choosing your linen set and comforter. 

3. Towel Set

Continue to coordinate your dorm room decor when choosing your towel set and bath rugs. Also, pick up a new loofa, soap, body wash, and shampoo supplies.

4. Shower Shoes

Remember, showers are shared with dorm mates. Shower shoes are a dorm room essential to prevent foot fungus.

5. Mini-refridgerator

Each dormmate needs their own mini-refrigerator. The refrigerators are great for juices, snacks, and leftover means.

6. Cleaning Supplies

Keeping a clean room is critical in the era of Covid-19. Clorox wipes, disinfectants, a small broom, and a mop are a must. Also, include bathroom cleaner and dishwashing detergent.

7. Thermal Mug

Thermal mugs are great in any climate. Keep hot fluids hot and cold drinks cold in the classroom, library, or hanging out on campus.

8. Desk Lamp

A desk light comes in handy for late-night study sessions. You can burn the midnight oil without disrupting your dormmate.

9. Removable Wall Hooks

Command is a reliable brand for wall hooks in various sizes. Your college may have restrictions on mounting things to walls that require nails. With removable hooks, you can hang many items without drilling into the wall.

10. Power Strip

Don’t take any chances. Add a power strip to your dorm checklist. Power outlets are a hot commodity in any room setting. Ensure you have enough outlets for your electronics with a six-outlet power strip and a cord at least six feet long.

11. Stackable Drawers or Bins

College dorms come with a dresser for each resident. Chances are, this will not allow for all the storage space you’ll need. Buy a set of stackable plastic drawers or bins that can slide underneath your bed or in a corner.

12. Dish Set and Utensils

Most meals will come from a campus eatery. If your room has a microwave or you bring one, you’ll need two sets of dishes and eating utensils–preferably microwave safe.

It’s Time to Go Shopping

Your college essentials checklist will ensure your student has everything they need to start their first semester. As time goes on, other necessities will arise. Leave some extra money, so they can head over to the campus bookstore to get those things.

We hope you enjoyed our college checklist. Keep browsing our site for more great content.

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