10 Benefits of Having School Bus Wi-Fi

Did you know that a solid internet connection can benefit children? While there is some regulation about how kids can use Wi-Fi, many studies show that it can promote positive traits, like organization and creativity. Not only that, but a stable connection is best for emergencies. 

That is why school bus Wi-Fi is essential for school vehicles. If you want to know the top ten reasons for installing an internet connection, keep reading our article.  

1. It Entertains the Children 

Bus rides can either be serene or chaotic. In the morning time, students are still sleepy, but some can start to get rowdy.

In the afternoon, it tends to be full-on chaos. Implementing this smart bus technology can help calm the children down and refocus their minds. 

2. They Can Listen to Music 

One of the most important things to children is their music. However, things aren’t like they used to be. No one uses CD players or even iPods anymore.

Nowadays, music streams directly from our phones. So, having connected Wi-Fi will allow children to use their music streaming services. 

3. They Can Study 

The internet can promote a productive commute. Let’s say a student has a big test that day.

They can utilize their trip to school by studying on their phones. Some students may even be finishing homework last minute. A wireless connection can ensure that they get their homework done on time. 

4. Someone Can Call for Help 

There are about 128 fatalities due to bus crashes. If something happens, and there is no stable connection, it will make it hard for someone to call emergency services. A bus with internet will prevent that issue from arising. 

5. They Can Contact Their Parents 

A better phone connection means children can contact their parents and loved ones in the blink of an eye. That is essential for several reasons.

Again, if there is an emergency, students can call their parents to tell them. Children also suffer from anxiety. When this happens, they may need to speak with someone to calm their nerves. 

6. They Can Read Books

Reading a physical copy of a book while the bus thumps down the road can be irritating and cause nausea. With the internet, children can access their favorite e-books and use their bus ride productively. 

7. Everyone Gets Internet Access

Many assume that everyone has internet. However, that is not true.

Many families cannot afford Wi-Fi at home. So, school and the bus may be the only opportunity for some children to access online services. 

8. Internet Provides GPS 

Having GPS for the bus allows everyone to know where the children are at any given moment. That is essential for both the school and the parents to know their kids are safe. 

9. Bus Driver Can Contact the School 

If there are delays, an internet connection allows bus drivers to call the school efficiently. So, if a bus is running late, the school will know about it. 

10. Everyone Receives Emergency Alerts

If there is an emergency at the school, like a lockdown, Wi-Fi will tell everyone on the bus about it.

Without the internet, those alerts may never send to their phones. That could end up in a critical situation that is avoidable. 

For More on Bus WI-FI and Other Educational Tips 

As you can tell, there are several reasons why having a smart bus with a connected Wi-Fi system is optimal for the commute. We hope this article helps you make an informed decision about adding bus Wi-Fi to your school vehicles.

If you enjoyed this article, we urge you to read the rest of our blog for more valuable tips and tricks!

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